Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sentences! Wes and Crystal's wedding.

I'm so proud, Brynne spoke her first sentence today!

Brynne: Pease cracka mama!

me: Good job Brynne!! (Hand her a graham cracker.)

Brynne: Tank ooo mama!

All the time teaching please and thank you and she is starting to get it, yay!


Last weekend we got to go to Rexburg for my Cousins wedding. We had perfect weather, great family, and of course a wedding! What more could you ask for? Oh yeah cake..we had that too!

After Church at Suzanne and Troy's house, thanks so much for letting us stay with you!
Yup Brynne is still very obsessed with shoes, and can officially shuffle by herself in Andreas 4 inch stiletto's. I'll have to post the video soon!

Wes and Crystal had the coolest carriage at their wedding!
We had a bachelor party for Wes, a bon fire at Bever Dick park.....yes that's the official name of the park, I lOVE Rexburg.
Sarah, Tyson, Aaron and part of Wes
Happy couple!
Just married!

Friday, May 7, 2010

deal or no deal?

Saturday: Went to D.I. and found a cute little chandelier for Brynne's room

Paid: $5...DEAL!

Then Taylor was trying to get it set up and cut himself with a utility knife

Lots of blood, nauseous Dione

Went to the urgent care and Taylor got 9 stitches, he is healing great!

Found out his insurance ran out the day before

Medical bill: $300...

Total Chandelier cost: $305...NO DEAL!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Taylor graduated from BYU with a BS in biology, yay! We are happy he is done with his undergraduate. Both of our families were able to come out from California for the occasion, it was great to see everyone! Taylor started a new job yesterday in a laboratory in Springville, so we get to stay put for awhile, I'm so glad I don't need to get out the boxes quite yet!
Taylor graduated with his brother Riley, so luckily we only had to sit through one ceremony instead of two!

"It looks better on me, dad!"
We had a bbq for the graduates, and we made these cute chocolates that we found at

My grandma and her husband George spent the day with us and took us all out to Goodwood!
Playing in the water after our bike ride to bridal veil
Just cute!