Friday, September 9, 2011

Starts with a "T" and ends with a "E" We've got TROUBLE!

One of my friends just blogged about her rough day dealing with motherhood and messes, well I have been frustrated with my little trouble makers latley too so I thought I would take pictures of everything they get into because I know the day will soon come that I will miss these little one's, and I just want to remember them as funny, not me pulling my hair out :)


"Helping" with the dishes :)
Heres one way to get rid of all my zucchini!
Mr. I'll climb anything with no fear, but I wont know how to get down so I'll fall or scream until you come get me, and by the way can we go up and down the stairs for a hour straight please?
Ya, just eating 2 pounds of cheese, no big deal.
One whole pot of waterproof eyeliner. Half way through the clean up process. Doesnt come off with soap and water, had to coat her in baby oil and Vaseline, let her soak and then scrub for a hour, then clean up the oil. The tub is still suffering. 2 hour clean up project.
Hey, I'm teething and my sister scares me, please don't ever ever set me on the floor while she's around, got it mom?!
Guess she wanted to get dry after swimming...oh wait she wasn't swimming just loves to wear that cute swim suit..all the time!
Fun with dad!

Labor Day at the zoo with the Broughtons

Brynnes favorite by far, the baby elephant!
Grandpa to the rescue pushing that 1000 lb (almost) stroller and diaper bag!

The girls with Grandma B!

House projects and D.I. finds

$3 picture frame painted blue and glazed, and old book wreath.
End table that came with the house painted almond and glazed. Tray from D.I. for $1.50
Painted and glazed picture from from d.i. $3.
Picture frame arrangement.
Yellow valance that is far from perfect and cricked but I love it anyways!

Friday, September 2, 2011

4 years?!

Taylor and I recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary, it has gone so fast, and soo much has happened it is crazy! I just found one of our wedding invitations, and it has made me think of all the fun we had planning the wedding! I think if I were choosing invitations again I would want these to be exactly the same. I knew what I wanted when we were looking for invitations but couldn't find it in our budget, so Taylor to the rescue! He ended up making these on powerpoint, haha! He is amazing and talented at so many things, and he rescues me from something everyday. I'm one lucky girl!