Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Fever!!

Happy Valentines day! Taylor and I have always gone out for Tai food on Valentines day, but this year the restaurant was quite the disappointment, so we got some dessert! We also went swimming at the indoor pool which was great, I forget in the winter how much I love to swim...even if I was possibly the whitest person in the pool!

On Sunday we made this fancy meal...I am really really bad at making meat, so my new goal is to learn how to make it without it being dry. I ALWAYS overcook it because I cant handle the thought that it might be raw or underdone. I have only in the past couple of years not needed to put baggies on my hands before touching raw meet. Anyways these were called braised short ribs, and they were moist, yay, a first for me!
Our little Valentine!
Here is Brynne ripping up her valentine:) Taylor gave me a swifter mop (romantic I know..but what I wanted!) And he hid it outside by the dumpster, where he had put the old mop out there, and he was playing that song from the commercial "Baby come back!" I thought it was hilarious, those commercials crack me up especially when the mop falls in love with the bowling ball!
Brynne and I flew to California to "hang out" with my brothers while my parents went on a much needed vacation to San Diego. Brynne obviously thought we were in Hollywood.
The first part of the week was absolutely gorgeous, how I LOVE the sun! I know my mood changes to ten times more happy when I'm outside! We spend most of our time at the park next to my parents house.
Telling grandma a joke!
Brynne and grandpa love the apple blossoms........who doesnt!!
Brynne and chad.....after dinner. I guess Chad's shirt was even more dirty than Brynnes and he had to take it off.
Todd studying away! In fact he was at the computer so much that whenever he wasnt there Brynne would look at the computer and say Taaaaaaaaa??

Monday, February 8, 2010

The toy room

Brynne discovered a fun new area in the house today, my closet! She is a fan of shoes, even the word"shoe" is one of the more prominent words in her vocab. This lady couldn't be more happy in the closet, and I don't blame her!

Monday, February 1, 2010

1 year!

Cant believe this little lady is one year old already! It went by sooo fast for me! She has almost tripled her birth weight. Crazy!! Brynne has been such a healthy baby, but this past week she has been more sick than I have ever seen her!
At first I thought it was teething and then I realized that she already has 8 teeth and she never even acted like those bugged her at all. She wants to be held all day, only wants to have bottles..not her sippy cut and many solids which is so not like her. Cries constantly. Has a fever. Etc. Sunday I stayed home from church with her and she woke up from her nap with a bright red rash all over her face, back and stomach. So as soon as Taylor got home we took her to the Insta care. The Dr. looked at her for about 2 seconds, gave her a strep test, and then told me it was a virus and there was basically nothing he could do!! I was so mad/upset with this guy. The least he could do was try to research it more and figure more options, I really dont believe he had any idea if it was a virus or not, he barley even looked at her, and he doesn't understand how not herself she has been acting, this baby needs some medicine. And maybe there is nothing we can do, but he should have at least acted like he was trying to figure something out right?? That is exactly why I never go to the Dr. for myself, but I cant not take my baby because she cant tell me whats going on... grrrr frustating. Kind of Ironic though since Taylor wants to be a doctor...
Anyways Brynne's birthday party was so much fun, we had a GREAT turn out and had to borrow chairs from our neighbors. Thanks to everyone who could come, it was great to get to talk to some adults :) You can tell in these pictures Brynne is sick, no smiles poor thing!
She attempted to eat the top of her cake, and did a pretty good job! She wasnt as into as I think she would have been if she was feeling well, but was a good sport.
She did LOVE her balloons her dad got her, they entertained her for hours :)
According to Taylors Child Development class after babies turn 1 they are considered toddlers, not infants...sad. But she definitely "Toddles" so it makes sense.
Presents!! She got some great new clothes and toys that she/we will love!!
She opened this puzzle from her cousins and immediately started "Baaaing" when she saw the sheep!
"Clothes....whoopie......lets move to more toys!"
This has been basically my entire week with this little one, poor babe!! (Poor me!) I wanted to get a pic of the rash in case anyone had insights to what it was but the flash is blocking it. Oh well, its there.
Get well soon Brynne, we love you! Happy Birthday angel girl!