Sunday, October 23, 2011

Loving Fall!

We have had a few gorgeous sunny fall days this week, I love this weather, it is perfect!!

These two are starting to have so much fun together!

We had a huge storm a couple weeks ago, luckily it warmed back up, dont think I'm quite ready for trying to find gloves and jackets and socks and boots before we can leave the house.
....Dane was almost ready to go play in the snow, but the problem is he's not a fan of clothes, but he likes his new boots apparently.
Last weekend we went to one of my old roomate Amber's wedding in Rexburg. It was a fun weekend! We walked around campus with the kids in a stroller and I felt so old! Also BYUI has changed soo much that I hardly knew how to get around. What a nice school, with so many good memories!
Amber was gorgeous and so happy!! It was so fun to be with these girls again, we had so much fun!
Zoe, Summer, Carrie, and I
Summer just got engaged to Karl in New Zealand! They get married next month, I'm so happy for them!
We got to spend time with the Williams, and it is always great to stay with them!
Sarah and Vinny, he is such a cutie pie!
We had a little halloween get together and I'm pretty proud of these cupcakes :)

Preview of Brynnes costume...I thought she would be deflated by the end of the night, but all of her balloons were intact. She even trip and fell, and she just kinda bounced right up, I should have my kids wear balloons all the time!
Balloon pinata...Mom this is sadly the only picture I got of the back of Dane, so this is a teaser until Halloween :)