Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in Iowa

Merry Christmas! We have had a fun Christmas break so far! Taylor and Brynne both got our of school on the 19th and dont go back until the 5th! We decided to stay in Iowa for Christmas due to being poor students :) We decided to use some of our Christmas money from our families to take a overnight trip to Chicago. We found a cheap hotel near Navy Pier, and were excited for a fun trip. Well this trip didnt go exactly as planned, it included alot of rain, subway instead of famous Chicago cuisine, a TON of trafic, and spending a fortune on parking. All and all we decided it would be o.k. if we never went back and it was a lesson in Murphy's law.We did however have a few fun moments in the Museum of science and industry and the planetarium, we will focus on those haha!

 On Christmas eve Taylor and I spent the day cooking a German Feast, and then having some friends over to eat it. We had so much fun at our Christmas Eve party! We finally got the kids to bed with their annual Christmas Medicine a.k.a melatonin. (After the fiasco of 2012 where Brynne was so excited she stayed up all night at made herself sick.) I love getting everything ready on Christmas eve, presents wrapped, etc. Everything is so exciting again to experience from our Children's eyes!

 The kids woke up at 6:45 a.m., not too bad! They were so excited about everything from the presents they asked for santa and they seemed to think everything else was Icing on the cake! Anndi loved being in the middle of the commotion and found lots of Chocolate laying on the floor, she was a happy camper and so cute to watch her first Christmas! Christmas was a nice day and we spent it watching new movies, riding new scooters, applying makeup, playing with all their new toys and kindle! To top it all off we went over to some friends house for a fantastic dinner. The best part of the day, no waiting in Trafic haha!

 We have been enjoying sleeping in and naps. Taylor and I have even gone on two dates which is unheard of lately! We have played a little raquetball and have been taking advantage of the Childwatch at the YMCA. We wish we could have seen family, but are grateful for the friends we have been able to spend it with in Iowa!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moving To Iowa!! (Super long Journaling entry)

Having fun after the yard sale
Check out all those boxes!
One last day with Brenna, Dynelle, and Allison and their families!

Goodbye Grandma and Grandpa B!

Goodbye Alex and Ella
Good bye Kenny, Andrea, and Cade!

Goodbye Grandma Great!
Goodbye Brookside Friends!

Grandma and Granpa McAffee Driving behind the moving truck

Pool in Lincoln Nebraska
Lincoln Childrens Museum


Awesome back yard right!?

Sailorville Lake

Crazy Rain storms make this happen in the yard!
Science Museum
Union Park

4th of July

Dressing like a PA Student, aka Daddy!
6 months!
Cheesecake factory date..
Pretty Girl!
White coat Ceremony

Danes Ninja Turtle 4th bday

First Day of Kindergarten

Carthage Jail, and Nauvoo

Fool Jack Storyies

We started really getting ready to move in April, so much packing and cleaning…and more packing, with feeding the new baby in-between and a yard sale!  When it was time to get into the car to drive to Iowa I couldn’t have been happier that I was going to get to just sit for 3 days!  My mom and Dad came out to help us move (couldn’t have done it with out them, and they made it so fun!).  We stayed the first night in Cheyenne Wyoming; we went straight to bed because it was pretty late.  The second night we scored a nice hotel on Priceline with a perfect swimming pool that was warm enough for even Anndi to enjoy.  It was great to relax and stretch out after driving for two days.  The next day we drove to Des Moines! We live on the very west side of Des Moines and it is very hilly, so when we took our exit I was bewildered because I hadn’t even seen any signs of a city.  We drove off the exit for awhile before we started to see a few houses, with many green fields in-between.  Finally about ¼ mile before we got to our townhome it started to look more like a town.  It was a good first impression everything was beautiful and green with a nice rural feel! 

As we pulled up to our new house there were already a couple of people there ready to help us move in,  within five minutes I had someone watching my kids so I could help direct the 8-10 guys that showed up to help us move in, and within 15 minutes it was all unloaded!  We realized that we had lots of student families live across the street, or just a few units over, everyone was incredibly friendly!

We had a week before Taylor was going to start school so we had so much fun exploring the new area, meeting new people, and getting unpacked with a lot less stress than moving because we didn’t have such a strict deadline.  Our townhome has a large grassy area in the back yard, which I wasn’t expecting.  It is so nice for the kids to have a great place to play.  It has been fun to be in a complex because they always have friends to play with.  We saw our first lightning bug, and it was awesome!  The lightning storms and tornado warning have been pretty exciting too!

Anndi has been such a sweet baby!  Her first 4 months of life were so easy, she started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks until she was about 4 months old.  Then I started not making quite enough milk for her so she woke up every couple hours to eat through the night, we cannot get her to take a bottle she is very stubborn about her milk preferences! She hasn’t gained much weight as is a very petite little thing.  She just barely turned 8 months and she is finally started to like baby food (a tiny bit) So that has been a struggle with her, just afraid she isn’t growing fast enough.  Other than that she is such a sweet heart, we are all completely smitten with her, and hang on her every move.  Brynne and Dane get so excited for every new thing she does!  Her newest trick is crawling, and man she is fast!  She also caught us off guard and choked on a crayon the first day she started to crawl.  Luckily is dislodged after a few horrifying seconds, but I have been having to vacuum several times a day.  She is definitely the wiggliest baby I’ve had and is always dancing, crawling, and moving.  Such a fun and curious baby, we cant get enough.  Every time I go to the store here in Iowa I get stopped by someone telling me what a beauty she is.  The Iowans are super friendly and will talk to your for a half hour if you let them, and I LOVE it. 

June is a blur, we joined a beautiful YMCA they had just built who give us a great student/were poor deal.  They have a great pool, racquetball, basketball courts, very cheap kids sports, free child care for when parents exercise.  We spent time there, Dane did Tball and Brynne and Dane took a fun gymnastics class.  We tried to be outgoing and went to a lot of play groups and have made some fun friends.  We discovered Raccoon River that has a park, splash pad, and a beach.  Got a membership to the zoo and science museum.  Had just a few rough days with Taylor being gone a lot, but all and all we keep busy!

We had an awesome Fourth of July party in our backyard with some neighbors and ward members.  We were able to see the country clubs near our house fireworks from the back yard.  It was great!   August we had a Ninja Turtle birthday party for Dane were 40 people came to his party, It was great, we served corndogs and watermelon and some awesome ninja turtle cupcakes J  Dane got a bunch of nerf guns that he was ecstatic about.  The first time he ask me to play with him I accidently shot him in the eye, he wasn’t happy about it, poor guy!  I need to work on my aim! 

Brynne Started Kindergarten in August, and to my dismay I learned that Iowa has all day kindergarten.  I cried for a day or two about that, I was prepared to let her go for a few hours, but the bus picks her up at 8:15 and brings her home at 4:00 p.m.  It is still a little sad for me, but she absolutely loves it and is learning sooo much!  She is excited every morning to go.  Her teacher is Ms. Broich and she goes to a school called woodland hills. The school is brand new and so nice, her teacher seems really great with the kids.  The bus stop is about 20 steps out our back door, so that has made it so easy for me!  I cant believe how smart that little girl is, but I do love having her on the weekends….well except for the fighting because Dane really likes being the one is charge while she is at school J  I’m trying to be optimistic about the fighting getting better, but I remember Kenny and I’s fighting getting worse, so we shall see!  Dane started in a Joyschool group in our apartment complex, most of the kids are younger, but he is Really liking it. He also has two buddies that live two doors down, and they are in and out of both our houses playing all day long, its so fun.  I signed him up for swim lessons also, and he really does not like that.  His teacher is not the best.  He loves to swim when I take him, so I will have to choose a day a week to teach him.  

Taylor has been doing really really well in school for the most part, and he does really enjoy it, but he is busy studying most days and most nights.  He trying to take Sunday’s off completely, and we try to do something fun or go on a day for a couple hours, but other than that he is busy, but that’s o.k.! I try to remember how grateful I am that he is completing the goal!

Ann and Wade came out to visit in September for Taylor fall break.  We had soo much fun with them!  The second night they were in town they got to experience a Tornado warning!  We showed them around Des Moines, went to fun restaurants, and went to Nauvoo.  Nauvoo was so fun, it was the day after Labor Day so there were not many people there. The kids loved making rope, eating cookies in the bakery, going on wagon and oxen rides, and playing pioneer games! We also went to carthage jail where the spirit was so strong! We stayed in a really cute condo, and celebrated my birthday at the Amana colony restaurant on our drive home!  We had so much fun!

Well there is a recap of the past 5 months!