Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

A sunny Easter!

We had a great Easter this year! We had a Easter egg hunt at Alex and Megan's, it was a gorgeous day and the kids had so much fun! Ann was out from Lodi, so it was great spending time with her. We had fun decorating eggs, Dane has been hanging out with me and Brynne too much and every time he would pull a died egg out of the water he would yell cute (toot)! Brynne was VERY concerned that the Easter bunny would come in the house and wanted us to be sure he would leave her candy and toys outside because the idea of a giant bunny lurking around the house was "freakin" her out...huh I guess she's right! She is in love with her "gumbrellaaa" she got in her basket and was sad her kite lasted less that 5 mins, but they were excited to get Dane kite up a few times! (side note: I remember always getting kites in my Easter basket so i'm excited to pass on this tradition.) Both Brynne and Dane ate their choc. bunnies in one sitting. Dane's favorite part of his easter basket was throwing the plastic grass around :) We had ham and funeral potatoes with Ann and Grandma walker, it was a great weekend!