Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crawdads, Chicago, and Cade

Crawdad: A creepy little lobster looking animal with sharp claws and shrimp/lobster tasting meat. 
Kenny came up with the idea to go crawdad fishing at about 5:00 on a Friday and by 6:00 we had all our crawdad gear packed and we headed to Scofield reservoir.   We got there right before dark and set our traps and set the kids up with some Cheetos to keep them busy.  We (and by we I mostly mean Kenny and Taylor..although I did catch one) caught about 65 of these creepy but delicious little guys. 

By the time we got home and shelled and cooked, and ate some of these, it was after 1:00 a.m. but it was a fun spur of the moment activity!!  Andrea was such a trouper especially for being 40 weeks pregnant and having contractions most of the night!

Chicago: A large city with lots of traffic, hotdogs, and raving drunk friends for a lonely PA school Interviewee to talk too.   Taylor left on Thursday afternoon, and stayed with my Aunt Karen's friend in North Chicago.  The next day he went to his interview and he thinks he did really well, he was prepared for the questions that were ask, and he really liked the school.  Last year in the class of 65 they excepted 9 males, but we are still hopeful he gets accepted!  Oh the inequality of being a white male!  Taylor explored the city and ate at a random pizzeria he found and decided he doesn't love Chicago style pizza, he also aet at Portillos, a Chicago restaurant chain famous for their hotdogs and chocolate cake, a great combo!

Who wouldn't want to accept this guy to their school?

Cade: The cutest little newborn boy!  We have anxiously been awaiting the birth of this little sweet heart for some time! Brynne has been especially excited and even made up a song about him and kissed Andreas belly as much as she could.  Congrats Kenny and Andrea, he is so darling!!