Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 Easter Trip Miracles!

We said out goodbyes to Taylor because he had to stay and work poor guy, and headed to AF to pick up Kenny and Andrea. We made it half way across the salt flats when the van said we only had 39 miles of gas left, this was a problem because the next gas station was 65 miles away. We thought for sure Kenny was going to do some hitch hiking but Easter trip miracle #1 we made it to the gas station somehow! We were so relieved!

Then we hit quite the snow storm on Donner pass and didnt slide off the road, Easter trip miracle #2. Then we were about 2 miles away from my parents house when we got a extremely flat tire at 4:00 a.m. Easter trip miracle #3 my dad was able to come save us and help change the tire.

We had a great time in CA! We went to the park, went to the Oakland Zoo, had easter egg hunts, ate alot of halibut from my dads fishing trip, visited the Broughton side in Lodi, had a BBQ, Brynne got to have her first sleep over with her cousins at Erica and Riley's house, we played Tennis, and most important to Brynne fed the Chickens.

On our drive home Easter trip miracle #4 happened. I left my wallet on top of the van (heaven help Taylor and I when we are old) the next day I got a text from a random number staying there ex-sister in law had found my wallet! Apparently this sister in law found my wallet and saw that I was mormon because of my temple reccomend, and called her sister who lived in Sandy. Apperntly she thought that because I lived in Utah and was mormon her sister in law might know me...cute! So the sister in law looked me up on Facebook and saw he had a friend in common. So she called my friend I used to work with at TGPD and got my number, and then I text her my address and my wallet came in the mail yesterday obviously run over but with all my cards. Easter trip miracle #5 I had taken most of the cash out and given it to andrea to hold for gas right before I left it. Easter trip miracle #6 that Kenny and Andrea (Andra) helped me out SOOOO much on that trip, I could have never done it by myself! Thanks so much guys, we will miss you while your selling for the summer!

Grandma Broughton with Brynne and Natalie.
Easter Morning with Maddi and Brooke, Brynne already in a dress up dress! I sure loved seeing my brother and sister in laws, nieces and nephew. (I guess I didn't get a pic of Jack..dang, he was so cute and knowledgeable about all his body parts ;)
Grandpa B and Dane playing a fun game.
Grandma M letting Dane be a boy and get dirty!
Uncle Kenny and Dane having a Tea party.
Brynne and Todd couldn't get enough of these swings, Brynne ran right for the swings at the Easter egg hunt instead of trying to get the plastic eggs...
These two have so much fun together!

My mom bought Brynne dress up clothes when she was only a couple months Brynne is finally able to enjoy them. Wow she LOVED being a princess!
Checkin out the Baboons at the zoo.

Brynne collected eggs with grandpa in the day my dad let Brynne carry two eggs in, she promply threw them on the ground, then looked at grandpa and said "I soo sorry gampa." After that every hard boiled egg she found she would throw and the say, "I so sorry." Not sure she understands the sorry concept yet.
No words...
Brynnes new hobby, photography...I found over a hundred pics like this she had taken of herself with out me knowing.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I am a lover of sleep. I don't ever remember being one of those kids who begged to stay up late, and there was only a short period of time I wanted to wake up early to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. I was probably 14 before I could actually stay up till midnight on New Years Eve. I wore earplugs and tried avoiding roomates who snored in college at all costs! When I was pregnant it was not uncommon for me to go to bed at 7:30pm!

The last few weeks I have NOT been able to sleep at night, it is the wierdest feeling to be up at 3:00 a.m. not wanting to sleep, knowing so many nights when I have been awake with the kids I would have loved the opportunity to go back to sleep!

I am exhausted until about 10:00 and then I have a sudden burst of energy and decide to wash all my cupboards, organize the bathroom, learn a song on the piano, lay in bed and jump at every noise (despite the fact I probably live in the safest neighborhood in the world, I am always sure someone is trying to steal my babies), watch five episodes of biggest loser, try to will my herb plants to grow, and worry about everything. Has anyone had this problem, any drug free solutions?

I guess I will enjoy a cleaner that normal house, being able to follow the conversation at bunco night revolving around everyone's week night shows, and hopefully keep that dang cilantro alive.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!! I hope that you had a fabulous day, you deserve it so much!
Thank you for being a great confidant, mother, grandmother, boggle player, gardener, Volleyball player, biker (not a Harley), teacher, advice giver, listener, funeral potato maker, example, strong testimonied, organ and piano player, nurse, psychiatrist, cleaner and organizer, best shopping buddy, sewer, etc, etc...

My mom can pretty much do everything! She is the one person who I can talk to about anything and she always gives me the most encouragement and best advice, and knowledge that she believes that I'm amazing and makes me feel like I could do anything! She also thinks every little thing I tell her about the kids is amazing and that they must be proteges! I love having someone in my life who is truly excited about all of our little families accomplishments! She is a truly positive person, despite all of the hard things she is juggling in life right now!

One of the moments in my life I treasure the most is when my mom got to the hospital about a hour after Brynne was born, and as a very new mother I was able to understand a part of how much she loved me, and had gone through for me, because of how I felt for my new baby. Love you mom! Happy Birthday, cant wait to see you at the end of the month!