Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ballet recital, Joy School grad, Bath time, Dane's 3rd Bday

Brynne's Ballet Recital April 2013

We had a fun neighborhood ballet class this year that Brynne loved!  She is a dancing queen and never misses an opportunity for a good spin, especially if there's music on!  She was excited that she got to wear makeup to her recital and did such a great, job!  We were so proud!  She was disapointed however that I didn't bring her a rose for after like on Angelina ballerina...sigh...

Joy School Graduation 2013

We had a fun year of Joy school and Brynne has learned alot!  We have a family theme because of it "We are Loyal" That we say everynight before we go to bed.  She learned how to write her name, letters, and numbers.  She is better at sharing and trying to not throw a fit, even if she is disappointment about something.  She has learned a lot just from being with all her classmates!  Were excited to start again next month, and Dane gets to start this year!

Classic cousin bath pic, with sweet little Cade

Dane's 3rd Birthday!
We had a improtu birthday party with kids we were watching Friday night and decorated cupcakes. And sang Happy Birthday!
He was feeling pretty darn important being in charge of the cupcake decorating!
Dane woke us up this morning by coming in our room covered in chocolate telling us he got his own breakfast....left over cupcakes from the night before...If i'm counting right he had at least 4 or 5!

We spent the afternoon at the Dinosaur Museum in Lehi.  It is the best, and Dane loved every minute! 

Ahhh, don't eat me!

The best part, digging for bones!
Dane helped make his cake, and was very proud of it!  Happy Birthday sweet little boy, we love you so much!  Here is a list of some of your favorite things right now!

* Guns  *Swords *Being in charge  *Rockets *Holding the bag of anything  * Star Wars  * Casper the dog  * His friend Logan  * getting into bed with mom and dad in the middle of the night * books  * Counting  * swinging  *coloring (on the walls) * Tractors and boom trucks  * Potty training book  * Swimming  * Watering the plants  * Mud and dirt  * Helping mom and dad  * Reams  * Donuts  * Cheese  *PB & J's  * Nursery  * Kitchen with Brynne * Disney Land  * Netflix...specifically when he watched it on the IPOD so he can be in charge  * The Stegosaurus song  *Animals * Pointing out Airplanes * saying the dinner prayer as quickly as possible  *When dad gets home from work * The aquarium, specifically the jelly fish and sea turtle * Jumping from place to place, or off something  * Cuddling when he is tired or sad  * Costco  *carrots *Grandma's and Grandpas *3 hour naps at 4p.m.  * Cousin Wesley * The Library *Play fighting, or pretending everyone else is a monster (MONSTER GRRRRRRRRRRRR) *Big boy undies  * mom, dad, and brynne  Dislikes *Almost all fruit except Watermelon   *Sharing (but you do really good most of the time) * babysitters * the potty!

A few quotes:
Taylor: 1/13 Dane, put your poo poo in the potty.
Dane: But, but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but how?

Dione & Brynne: Tickeling Dane
Dane: Looks at us and with a smirk saids STOP IT KIDDOS (with a lisp) 

Dane: 4/ 2013 Look mom I found a snail! its dead...the batteries aren't working

Dane 4/13
 Singing: I love my momma, I love my momma, I love my mommaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I do, I do, I do!  (ahhh, melt moms heart)

4/13 I was in the bathroom and Dane noticed there wasn't any toilet paper, he said" I'll go get you some more" then he went to the other bathroom and came back with a piece about the size of a dime.

6/13 Dane: "Thank you for making this yummmmy dinner mama, I loooovvvvee it!"

7/13 Dane:  As we are reading a book he sees some flowers and saids "mom I give those to you, for I love you."