Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lake Tahoe!

We had a fabulous vacation, I am still working on unpacking and doing laundry, but it was worth it! Taylor had been working non stop (literally 7 days a week) since Feb. with out a day off, and he was able to take 9 whole days off for our vacation, it was amazing to beable to spend so much time together with our families!
We spent most of our time at the beach and the kids loved it!
Grandma B. taking Brynne for a ride!
"Camp" Taylor and his brothers spend most of there time snorkeling, they were in the freezing water for hours catching crawdads, it looked so fun Erica and I went and caught a pincher-less crawdad too!
It was great to see all the cousins play together, they had a blast!

Brynne and Maddi decided to pose AFTER we tried to take a big family picture, I'll post some of those when I get the edited pictures! Besides swimming we spend time at the cabin Ann and Wade rented playing Psychiatrist, Bang, card games, and learning to play poker, and of course eating too much.
We stayed in a really nice hotel after the Broughton reunion (we found a great deal on travelocity!) We were just tourist, and went to look outs around the lake and visitor centers.
Then my parents came up for two nights so we got to see them too!
We had a fun dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

Kenny is in this picture...i'm talking to him on the phone :)
We went on some fun hikes
Then back to the beach one last time!!

We wish we were still there but had to come back to try to save our lawn and garden from drying up! Thanks to all our family for making it a great trip :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


We had a fun 4th, we usually go up to Rexburg and Idaho Falls so we missed that, but it was fun to be home and relaxed. We had dinner, made homemade iceream, and did sparklers and snakes. They made the bigger fireworks legal in Utah this year, so we just sat on our front porch and watch everyone elses fireworks for a couple hours. It was nice not to have any trafic! We are proud to be Americans!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

back in business!

We just got our good camera back in the mail yesterday, finally! So here are pictures of our Saturday :)

Family Reunion

We had a great time at the Jensen family reunion this year! Taylor had to work so I drove up by myself. I was worried but it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, at least the kids are stapped in :) It was great to see everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

J and K's Wedding

Dear Jamie and Kevin,

We are glad we got to go to your wedding, you looked gorgeous, you are so in love with each other, your temple ceremony was inspiring and made me cry (I know your not surprised about that.) Your reception outside was decorated beautifully and the colors were fabulous!

Brynne thinks Jamie is a princess and keeps asking when she will marry Kevin in the temple, we've got some explaining to do! We love you guys! Thanks for being my almost little sister!


The Broughtons