Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brynne 5 months and the genius CTR

Today a lady in our ward wanted to watch Brynne during third hour, so I decided I had better take her up on the offer! Near the end of the hour I went to get her, and it hit me how big she was, I couldn't believe how old she looked, she isn't a new born anymore! She also gets really excited when she sees me lately, is so fun. Tomorrow she will be 5 months, crazy I know. But she has started sitting up and today she sat up for 5 minutes with the boppy pillow and about a minute without it.

Taylor and I have been teaching ctr 5 and 6. They are hilarious, they always say "The darnedest things." But we have this one little boy Dave, and his parents are awesome about helping their kids learn amazing things at young ages. They came over to see the baby after she was born and Dave told us the life cycle of his favorite parasite (favorite parasite???) and used all these huge words, I couldn't believe it. (his dad teaches parasitology at BYU...yeah who knew that was a class.) Then in class today Dave told us he made us something and was going to bring it over after church. We could NOT imagine what he would have made! He showed up with this honey bear full of honey. His dad told us about a year ago Dave wanted to learn about bees, so every night they read about how to raise bees, then this year they got bees hives and everything to harvest the honey! Are you serious?? This little 6 year old has 2 hives of bees and he told us facts about bees for 15 minutes. WOW. P.S. he has "only been stung a few times, because usually he wears his bee vail." Brynne really needs to get on it if she is going to be as smart as this kid some day.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Linus, we will miss you!

I walked in the room and Linus was dead...gross/sad! It really freaked me out though, luckily Taylor was home and he "took care of it" before I went in the room again. Poor guy had fallen a couple months ago, and he hadnt been eating very well ever since that. I do have to say a part of me (I wont say how much haha) is relieved because lets face it, he ate bugs, and was a reptile in my house. We wont be getting another one anytime soon. But he was very entertaining and will be missed!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 1st Fathers Day Taylor J!

Happy Fathers day :) Taylor has been the most patient guy with Brynne, he is doing a great job being a dad and I know he cant wait till he can rough house a little more with her! Brynne gets so excited when she is playing with dad, he is so animated with her, she loves it! I am glad to have a husband who I know will help raise our kids in the gospel and I know they will look up to him so much.

I also am so grateful for my dad! My mom used to tell me that "I needed to try to find someone to marry that was as nice as my dad, but I probably wouldnt beable to to." Haha I think Taylor is pretty close though! I remember I went to Chicago one semmester and my dad flew all the way out just to leave the next morning and drive 3 days through the snow with me so I would be safe! What a guy :)

Brynne got a new high chair! I really wanted this high chair but a darker color, but it was i found this one on craigslist in Stockton for a BARGAIN!! It had a ugly cover on it so my mom sewed this one and I love it! Gotta love craigslist. Also while I was in CA we went on a bike ride and found a garage sale..usually I'm not a fan because why would I want someone elses junk?? But this one was for charity and everything was a dollar (but you could donate more) I got brynne a ton of 12-18 month clothes from oldnavy or babies r us that either still had tags on them or looked brand new, it was so fun! My mom also bought her a almost new pack and play for $20. I love getting deals!

Here is a picture of an easy project I just did, I saw these canisters along time ago at Dynelles house and I keep meaning to do them. (I stole your idea Dynelle!)They are old oatmeal canisters covered with scapbook paper and modge podged on..really fun easy project :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Home sweet home!

Brynne and I made it home! Yea! We have had a great vacation, an almost 3 week vacation! Last Saturday Taylor met me and my parents in Winnamucca...the half way mark and picked us up, then we headed up to Rexburg for a family reunion with my youngest brother Chad. We got there and stayed with my dads sister, aunt Suzanne and uncle Troy, it is always a blast to stay with them! Then my moms side of the family had rented this cool lodge with enough room for all 35 people. Our camera battery had died so I didnt get to take very many pictures. But it had a tennis court, playgrounds, ping pong, fuzball, a pond with canoes, hot tub, soft ball field (where Taylor sprained his ankle playing kickball.) We had a great time, but are glad to be home and hopefully get Brynne back on a normal schedule so she will start sleeping through the night again. Utah is so pretty right now, I guess it rained the whole time I was gone!

We went to the Mickey grove Zoo in Lodi with Ann and Wade, it was so much fun we had a picnic and saw all the animals...I feel bad I didnt get any pictures of Brynne with G and G Broughton...I will get better at this eventually! They had this big cage of these birds called Lorakeets, you could buy nectar and they would eat it from you, it was so fun. Brynne also had a blowout at the zoo, and I forgot to bring her more clothes, so she just went around in her diaper for most of the zoo experience, poor child.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Benicia California

Brynne and I are in Benicia California hanging out with my parents for the week. Taylor was out last week, but drove back because he needed to work. The plan was for Brynne and I to ride up to Idaho with my parents for our family reunion and then Taylor was going to meet us there.... there has been an interesting turn of events so I'm not quite sure what day we will get back to Taylor...I'll tell you about that later. I sure am missing Taylor though, I cant wait to see him soon!! We have been having fun getting alot of grandma and grandpa time, and it has been nice to have them distracting her so I can at least shower each day..that has been great..I have even curled or straightened my hair everyday! Yea for good hair days! We fed Brynne her first solids last week some rice cereal at Ann and Wades (Tays parents) house... I will post that video later. This is a picture of her first baby food green beans, she LOVES them!

We went to the beach while Taylor was still out here, Brynne wasnt a huge fan of the freezing water, but she will eventually! Taylor swam forever, I dont know how he stays in for so long it was fridgid cold!

Grandpa keeps feeding Brynne random things like popsicles, tiny pieces of bread, he gave her some limeaid wich I had to get mad at him about...shes not supposed to have citrus..ahhhh! Oh well she will love him for feeding her all the time! In this cute video he was sharing his water and she loved it, she would cry when he stopped. She knows when I am eating something now and just stares at it longingly and will reach for my mouth..such a funny little girl, I dont know what I would do without her!