Thursday, June 11, 2009

Benicia California

Brynne and I are in Benicia California hanging out with my parents for the week. Taylor was out last week, but drove back because he needed to work. The plan was for Brynne and I to ride up to Idaho with my parents for our family reunion and then Taylor was going to meet us there.... there has been an interesting turn of events so I'm not quite sure what day we will get back to Taylor...I'll tell you about that later. I sure am missing Taylor though, I cant wait to see him soon!! We have been having fun getting alot of grandma and grandpa time, and it has been nice to have them distracting her so I can at least shower each day..that has been great..I have even curled or straightened my hair everyday! Yea for good hair days! We fed Brynne her first solids last week some rice cereal at Ann and Wades (Tays parents) house... I will post that video later. This is a picture of her first baby food green beans, she LOVES them!

We went to the beach while Taylor was still out here, Brynne wasnt a huge fan of the freezing water, but she will eventually! Taylor swam forever, I dont know how he stays in for so long it was fridgid cold!

Grandpa keeps feeding Brynne random things like popsicles, tiny pieces of bread, he gave her some limeaid wich I had to get mad at him about...shes not supposed to have citrus..ahhhh! Oh well she will love him for feeding her all the time! In this cute video he was sharing his water and she loved it, she would cry when he stopped. She knows when I am eating something now and just stares at it longingly and will reach for my mouth..such a funny little girl, I dont know what I would do without her!


Kirk and Dynelle said...

She is soo stikin cute!!! The fun part of parenting has only keeps getting better

Harbour Family said...

Payton is trying foods too! She loves it. I always find grandma sliping some kind of treat Paytons not aloud to have yet. Your little one is so cute. Im sorry we missed you guys when you were here. Payton is eager to meet her friend.