Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Linus, we will miss you!

I walked in the room and Linus was dead...gross/sad! It really freaked me out though, luckily Taylor was home and he "took care of it" before I went in the room again. Poor guy had fallen a couple months ago, and he hadnt been eating very well ever since that. I do have to say a part of me (I wont say how much haha) is relieved because lets face it, he ate bugs, and was a reptile in my house. We wont be getting another one anytime soon. But he was very entertaining and will be missed!


megs said...

Ew, that was not good for a very sick pregnant lady to read. But so sad/happy for your loss!

kalisarah88 said...

Aw, sad. But I can't blame you for being a little bit relieved.

Solomon and Lyndsie said...

I'm with you! I wouldn't be able to handle reptiles or bugs either.