Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brynne 5 months and the genius CTR

Today a lady in our ward wanted to watch Brynne during third hour, so I decided I had better take her up on the offer! Near the end of the hour I went to get her, and it hit me how big she was, I couldn't believe how old she looked, she isn't a new born anymore! She also gets really excited when she sees me lately, is so fun. Tomorrow she will be 5 months, crazy I know. But she has started sitting up and today she sat up for 5 minutes with the boppy pillow and about a minute without it.

Taylor and I have been teaching ctr 5 and 6. They are hilarious, they always say "The darnedest things." But we have this one little boy Dave, and his parents are awesome about helping their kids learn amazing things at young ages. They came over to see the baby after she was born and Dave told us the life cycle of his favorite parasite (favorite parasite???) and used all these huge words, I couldn't believe it. (his dad teaches parasitology at BYU...yeah who knew that was a class.) Then in class today Dave told us he made us something and was going to bring it over after church. We could NOT imagine what he would have made! He showed up with this honey bear full of honey. His dad told us about a year ago Dave wanted to learn about bees, so every night they read about how to raise bees, then this year they got bees hives and everything to harvest the honey! Are you serious?? This little 6 year old has 2 hives of bees and he told us facts about bees for 15 minutes. WOW. P.S. he has "only been stung a few times, because usually he wears his bee vail." Brynne really needs to get on it if she is going to be as smart as this kid some day.


Amy said...

She is so cute and getting so big! Thanks for sharing D!

Solomon and Lyndsie said...

I love the Wilson's. There kids are all going to be little Einstiens someday. HaHa. They brought us some honey too. SOOO Good!