Friday, June 19, 2009

Home sweet home!

Brynne and I made it home! Yea! We have had a great vacation, an almost 3 week vacation! Last Saturday Taylor met me and my parents in Winnamucca...the half way mark and picked us up, then we headed up to Rexburg for a family reunion with my youngest brother Chad. We got there and stayed with my dads sister, aunt Suzanne and uncle Troy, it is always a blast to stay with them! Then my moms side of the family had rented this cool lodge with enough room for all 35 people. Our camera battery had died so I didnt get to take very many pictures. But it had a tennis court, playgrounds, ping pong, fuzball, a pond with canoes, hot tub, soft ball field (where Taylor sprained his ankle playing kickball.) We had a great time, but are glad to be home and hopefully get Brynne back on a normal schedule so she will start sleeping through the night again. Utah is so pretty right now, I guess it rained the whole time I was gone!

We went to the Mickey grove Zoo in Lodi with Ann and Wade, it was so much fun we had a picnic and saw all the animals...I feel bad I didnt get any pictures of Brynne with G and G Broughton...I will get better at this eventually! They had this big cage of these birds called Lorakeets, you could buy nectar and they would eat it from you, it was so fun. Brynne also had a blowout at the zoo, and I forgot to bring her more clothes, so she just went around in her diaper for most of the zoo experience, poor child.

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