Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Longest month ever!

Its not unusual that January is a super long month, but when you have a baby due the very LAST day of January it feels like it will never end! We have been trying to survive and keep ourselves distracted!
We went sledding!

We have been very crafty
We made these card board box cars that have been more entertainment that I would have ever guessed!  The night we made these the kids were so excited they wanted to sleep in them, so we decided why not?  But they looked so uncomfortable we had to put them in their beds right after they fell asleep.

We had a short visit with Grandma and Grandpa B


Dad has been making up lots of games like Sumo wrestling, and sock tag!

Lots of fun play dates!

 Brynne turned 5 today!
This little lady has been sooo excited for her birthday, she really wanted a new music jewelry box which was a lot harder to find than I thought it would be! We have a crazy day today so we started her birthday party at 6a.m. so dad could be there before he left to work. She blew out candles from her pink sprinkled donut, opened presents and then we all played with them.  We brought cupcakes to share with her Joy School class and they sang to her and gave her a crown to wear.  Tonight her and Dane are going to have a sleepover at my good friend Brenna's house because I'm being induced in the morning!  But she thinks she is having a sleep over because its her birthday :) Then on Sat she gets to take a couple friends to Mcdonalds thanks to grandma McAffee who will help out with that! I just love this sweet sweet girl!  Today I bent over to pick something off the floor and she said "mom, please dont bend over, I'll get that for you!"  I'm excited to see her as a big sister to the baby, I know she is going to love it.  She loves art projects and is super creative, her pictures really are so good, she has mastered not going outside the lines and is desperately trying to teach Dane the same thing, it drives her crazy when he scribbles haha.  She is really smart and always catches me off guard by how much she notices and puts things together.  She reminds me of myself is so many ways, like how she can be pretty bossy, how she is really shy, how she always wants to be busy doing something fun, and likes to ask "what are we going to do next?" She is really thoughtful and will usually let Dane have what he wants, even if its her turn.  Her love language is definatley words of encouragement and thrives on praise.  Happy birthday little girl, cant believe its been 5 years!

So lets talk a little about this baby.  I was supposed to be induced on Sunday.  Then I found out that my insurance was not a preferred provider for the Payson hospital where my Dr. wanted to induce.  So my doctor said that he only induces on Wed. at Utah Valley hospital which meant I could be induced today the 29th, or Febuary 5th.  Well, the 29th is Brynne's bday and I REALLY wanted them to have their own birthdays....but on the other hand I thought I would go crazy waiting a whole extra week...and I'm pretty there is no way she was coming on her own since I had to be induced with both brynne and dane.  Eventually and probably because of some tears the Dr. agreed to induce me tomorrow the 30th. I'm a little nervous to deliver at Utah Valley because I have heard a lot of bad experiences there, but that's where I was born :)  Also after Taylor's appendix I really don't have a good opinion of that hospital...but at this point I think I'll just be glad to have the baby and not be pregnant any more!  This has been the hardest pregnancy!  I had morning sickness 24/7 until about 25 weeks although zofran helped,  and even now I still have morning sickness for a couple hours a day.  I had horrible migraines that I eventually realized were coming from the zofran so I had to decide which I would rather have. I got a ton of ugly and uncomfortable varicose veins this pregnancy.  I had a cold/cough for 3 months, and for the passed month I have had a dislocated rib from coughing so much the Dr. thinks.  That has been incredibly painful just to move and sleeping is kind of impossible because I can't lay on either side because of the rib, and I cant lay on my back or stomach because of the baby.  So I usually try to sleep in my bed for a couple hours and then end up in the recliner. I have been really worried about labor with a dislocated rib, but the dr. said that epidural should include that area, so i'm pretty excited for that epidural right about now!  Wow, it feels good to get all the complaining out there! But I betcha tomorrow after the baby come's and hopefully everything goes well, I will tell you it was all worth it :)



The kids were so excited to see santa...except for Cade :)  Brynne ask for a princess magnet doll set and Dane ask for tools.  They have seen this Santa at RC willey for the past 3 years and he is amazing and really cute with the kids, the real deal for sure!
Papa making snow men with the kids!
We had a Broughton Christmas party since Erica and Riley were in town, however forgot to take a pic until after Alex and Megan left!  But we had a great time seeing so many cousins and aunts and uncles!!

Wish I could sleep like Chad...

My mom and dad came out to Utah for Christmas this year, it was so much fun!

We had a slep over at Kenny and Andrea's house on Christmas eve!


Andrea opening her "Special Surprise" gift from me!
Chad got a tablet of some sort
Dane was pretty excited about his super hero undies...Brynne not so much haha.

Christmas Tree waffles!

My friend and I took our kids swimming twice a week in November and December to teach them swim lessons, they have come so far and are swimming like crazy, they LOVE the water!  Brynne can back stroke, front crawl, dive to the bottom, dive off the side. Dane went from not being able to do much to floating on his back and front, jumping off the diving board, and just plain loving the water.  I however am now thoroughly burnt out of swimming for awhile and never want to see my maternity swim suit again :)