Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two! Well, close enough.

The terrible twos are here!! But I am so loving this little girl filled with personality, she always wants me to paint her fingernails and toe nails, just what I always wanted growing up with all brothers :) There are hair issues though as you can see! She is as much sweet/funny was terrible!

Today I'm trying to feel the Christmas spirit! I'm loving the snow and getting some treats baked for the neighbors. But I would like to document the accident me and the kids were in last week! I was driving home from doing Christmas crafts at Brennas when I had the thought "You should go the back way home." But since I had already turned towards the free way I ignored this thought (prompting)! I was in Spanish fork when the road turned into construction so I had the super scary cement wall on my right, and there was a semi to my left. A few cars in front of me, a truck lost the hood of its car! It was right in the middle of my lane and I had no choice but to hit it, in our new van. Immediately I began hearing hissing noises, clanging, I knew it would be bad! I finally found a place to pull over and started sobbing because I was so freaked out. Dane was sound asleep and Brynne started saying its o.k. mama, its o.k. mama! So there was a construction worker that saw the whole thing, thats how I knew it was a hood, I didn't know what it was when I hit it. He told me to call 911, so that was kinda exciting I always wanted to do that! Unfortunately the truck who lost the hood did not pull over so we are stuck paying the collision deductible :( The van is in the shop for a least a couple more weeks. But I am trying hard to just feel grateful that we didn't hit the truck or cement barrier. It could have been a tragedy instead of a inconvenience.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hosting Thanksgiving!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving this year. We had everyone at our apartment, which was close quarters, but still very fun! Suzanne, Troy, and Jamie came from Rexburg. Ty,Sarah and Vinny from Idaho Falls, Wes and Crystal from Logan, Grandma and George from AZ, Mom Dad and Todd from Ca. We had great food, played some games, watched some football and attempted and little shopping. Thanks everyone for coming and making it a great holiday :) We also got to see a little of the Jensen family too!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

good vs evil

I love the gospel. Its a fact. However, church with two babies makes me want to pull my hair out. Bless those people with more and many more than two children who bring them to church each week!

Today was a rare day we got to church on time and sat on a pew instead of in the overflow area on folding chairs. Oh of course Dane is fussy so I take him out a couple of times, on the walk of shame to the foyer, with Brynne yelling no Momma and throwing a fit trying to follow (because she is impossible at nap time.) Awkward!

Then I get to Primary where I am currently the secretary (well actually second councilor now) and I hear Brynne screaming in the hall. I go out and find her poor nursery leader caring Brynne who is soaked from her head to her toes because of a diaper malfunction (Danes size 2 diaper instead of her regular size 4.)

So I go back into primary and find a innocent bystander to watch Dane while I go interrupt the Gospel Essentials class (Also awkward) that Taylor teaches holding a screaming pee soaked child to get the car key so I can change her. Then the innocent bystander is stuck with a Dane who has decided that if someone is holding him, its necessary they stand or he will scream.

Meanwhile the 1st councilor is trying to deal with the secretary jobs of assigning talks, passing out the rolls etc, that by the way I didn't have organized yet! Thanks goodness for people willing to help!

This day went on and on......and on. Anyways I could keep going, but I will stop complaining in hopes that I am not alone in my case of church anxiety!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Family Pictures

We just got back our family pictures, and these are some of my favorites! My only regret was that the only pair of matching shoes I could find of Brynne's when it was time to leave were neon purple...oh well!

Friday, November 12, 2010


I have a tendency to call Dane my Angel boy!

Brynne has picked up on calling him Angel boy too.

Maybe because he usually sleeps through the night, stops crying when someone picks him up, or gives me the biggest smile when he see's me or hears my voice, has the most adorable curls,blue eyes and chubby cheeks! Or maybe it's because he stays in one spot, doesn't make a mess, and never says the word "no", and isnt currently trying to break open the finger nail polish. Haha! I love both my babies, but at the moment Dane gets the "Angel" title :)
We went to Zions last week with Kirk and Dynelle, and Brenna and Joe! We had a fabulous time, the girls had so much fun playing and tormenting each other!
It was absolutely perfect hiking weather, with beautiful (and dangerous for six kids 2 and under) views.

It took us about 2 1/2 hours to do this 1 mile hike with all the kids!

What good Dads!

I had so much fun hanging out with my friends! I realized Brenna and I have been friends for about 22 years now, and Dynelle and I for about 12 years!

I forgot to bring the memory card for our camera, so if these pictures look familiar its because I stole them from Dynelles blog!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

The first house of the night!
My little bee!
Taylor and Alex about to take the Kids out to face the rain!
What troupers!
They were the cutest yodeler/giraffe combo.

Yes, Kenny IS wearing a hot pink leotard.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swagger Wagon

Taylor and I bought ourselves a "Smokey Metallic" Nissan Quest after a grueling week of going back and forth in between two dealerships! Taylor did a great job of getting us the best deal possible on our hip van! We are excited (especially after over two years of sharing one car), and Brynne is beyond happy to watch Barney on the dvd player. Check this video out, it's pretty good!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Danes Blessing Weekend

Last weekend we blessed Dane, on 10.10.10. We had a great weekend visiting with family who were able to come out for the Event! We all got to the BYU game and had such a fun time, especially since they won!
Grandma and Brynne are matchy in their cool sunglasses!
Taylors Dad rented this cool hummer truck, that Brynne loved!
The kids were great at the game, such a miracle!
Taylor with his dad and brother Alex.
Andrea, Kenny, and Todd
Mom and Dane after church.
Grandma and Grandpa McAffee and Dane
Proud mama and daddy
Taylor made Danes vest and my mom made his pants and tie. They are made out of material from my wedding dress.
We went to get pumpkins today, and they had a few animals that Brynne was way more excited about than pumpkins, I dont blame her!
This picture makes me smile!