Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two! Well, close enough.

The terrible twos are here!! But I am so loving this little girl filled with personality, she always wants me to paint her fingernails and toe nails, just what I always wanted growing up with all brothers :) There are hair issues though as you can see! She is as much sweet/funny was terrible!

Today I'm trying to feel the Christmas spirit! I'm loving the snow and getting some treats baked for the neighbors. But I would like to document the accident me and the kids were in last week! I was driving home from doing Christmas crafts at Brennas when I had the thought "You should go the back way home." But since I had already turned towards the free way I ignored this thought (prompting)! I was in Spanish fork when the road turned into construction so I had the super scary cement wall on my right, and there was a semi to my left. A few cars in front of me, a truck lost the hood of its car! It was right in the middle of my lane and I had no choice but to hit it, in our new van. Immediately I began hearing hissing noises, clanging, I knew it would be bad! I finally found a place to pull over and started sobbing because I was so freaked out. Dane was sound asleep and Brynne started saying its o.k. mama, its o.k. mama! So there was a construction worker that saw the whole thing, thats how I knew it was a hood, I didn't know what it was when I hit it. He told me to call 911, so that was kinda exciting I always wanted to do that! Unfortunately the truck who lost the hood did not pull over so we are stuck paying the collision deductible :( The van is in the shop for a least a couple more weeks. But I am trying hard to just feel grateful that we didn't hit the truck or cement barrier. It could have been a tragedy instead of a inconvenience.


Jana said...

best picture ever :) lily's a chocolate lover too! and i'm trying to postpone the terrible twos as long as possible!

kalisarah88 said...

First, I love what you said about her being as sweet and funny as she is "terrible". The twos are crazy, but oh, so fun! Landon makes me want to pull my hair out half the day, and has me cracking up the other half. :)

Second, oh, my goooooodness! I am so, so glad that everyone was okay. And, it was so cute that she was saying, "it's okay, momma!" What a sweet baby! Glad Dane was asleep, too.

Merry Christmas guys!