Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Acceptance, Appendicitis, Halloween, McAffee weekend


 Friday November 1st was one of the best day's of our lives! The day that we found out everything we have been sacrificing in preparation for Taylor to go to PA school had paid off!  All the long hours, sleep deprivation, all the debt, all the lack of husband and father time has been for something! Des Moines had called while Taylor was at work and left him a message congratulating him on acceptance just over a week after his interview.  I think I will always remember that emotional moment on the phone when Taylor called to tell me the news.  We still cant believe that this is finally really going to happen, and are feeling especially grateful this November! We are under no disillusion that the next 2 1/2 years will be easy, but we are a HUGE step closer!! So proud of him for sticking with it even though it was so all consuming, hard and disheartening at times!


 Taylor has had a roller coaster of a month!  On conference Saturday Taylor started getting sick after breakfast and we thought it might have been my cooking!  By the time priesthood session came around he decided he needed to go to urgent care.  I thought Urgent care was a bad idea because I didn't want to pay the $50 copay in order for them to say they couldnt do anything to help a stomach ache.  But luckily he went anyways and they told him he needed to go to the Emergency room because they thought he had appendicitis, boy did I feel like a bad wife for trying to talk him out of going to the Dr!  I was with some friends in my ward when he called to tell me this around 8pm, they were great and took my kids home put them in bed and found babysitters so I could drive Taylor to the E.R.  We waited for about 1  1/2 hours before they got him back for a cat scan, and then the results came back that he did in fact have appendicitis, around 11p.m.  They said they couldnt do surgery until 6am so they kept him overnight.  Chad was nice enough to stay at our house so I could stay with Taylor.  It was a really uncomfortable night trying to sleep on the vinyl chair pregnant, finally at 5 a.m. the nurse told me the chair reclined, sigh! Lucky Taylor with a bed and morphine haha!  The surgery went well and we were home by 2pm on Sunday.  He recovered quick and his anatomy teacher made him go into school the next day for a test and he had to go back to work by Tuesday, what a guy! We were really glad this happened when it did and not two weeks later while he was interviewing out of state!


 Originally Brynne was going to be a tiger for Halloween and Dane was going to be a ghost! I made those costumes and they were pretty cute.  Then Dane decided he wanted to be a Tiger like Brynne and my friend let us borrow this tiger costume so I decided I didn't mind him switching because it only took me 5 mins to make his ghost costume.  THEN we watched Aladdin for the first time with them, and the Day of Halloween Brynne had the great idea to be Jasmine and Dane could be Raja.  Since this was a dress up she already had I decided not to fight these very opinionated little people!  They were cute and had a great time trick or treating.  We have the perfect neighborhood for trick or treating I must ad, the houses are close together and we know most of the neighbors.  Everyone is out trick or treating and its so fun to chat with everyone and see their costumes.  We also have the cute older woman who hands out fudge to the parents, and the little old man who hands out sodas.  I love Brookside Drive :)

McAffee Weekend

My parents came out for the weekend and we had a great time! We went to a BYU womens Volleyball game on Sat. and then the guys went to the BYU football game that night.  The girls took the kids to the pumpkin patch in Springville while they were gone and had a great time on the hayride, the hay maze and stack and petting the animals!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

30th bday, Payson Lake Camping trip, Labor Day,

Surprise 30th Birthday Party!

Thank you Dynelle and Brenna, you girls are the best!!!

They made this awesome collage with some really embarrassing pictures on it, I loved it!! Brenna and Dynelle had some pictures from high school that I hadn't seen before so that was really cool!
Taylor and I dropped off our kids at the Hamackers house so they could watch the kids while we went on a date, we were halfway through dinner when Cannon called and said that Dane had fallen in the pond at the park and was really shaken up. We decided to go home and check on him, they were going to go to our house to get Dane some dry clothes, and we were going to meet them there.  We got home and I didn't see them so I went to the backyard and saw some balloons and then I understood what was going on! I couldnt believe how deceptive my husband could be!  I walked outside and it was awesome to see so many people!  I had a great time and felt so grateful to Brenna, Dynelle, and Taylor for thinking of me!  It really meant a lot to me that they took the time and effort to do that for my birthday! And for all the people who took the time to come! I was completely surprised and happy and had the best time! 

Impromptu Park City/Labor Day trip

 I was having one of those day's were I was tired of being at our house, and tired of cleaning it, and in desperate need of some air conditioning.  So luckily with the help of a little bday money and price-line we found a good deal for a hotel in Park City!  Brynne was sick..but we decided to go anyways and bring the tylenol.  the problem was she coughed ALL night long, poor girl, poor us!  But we had a good time swimming at the hotel pool...these kids of ours are fish I tell ya! We ordered pizza and watched kid movies.  The next day we went to the Olympic museum and too lunch, then we realized Brynne was burning up so we headed home.  It was a great little mini trip all in all!

Just a typical summer night but with the camera

Haircut, poor kid I am no expert at this!
I've had a rough summer with this pregnancy, but these kids have been so great at playing and having fun without me being very much fun!  Dane is working really hard at getting good with his barbie scooter so he can ride with the "big boys" (some 6 year olds that can ride really fast, he really wants to join there scooter gang.) Brynne is doing great with the bikes and loves the kiddy pool and sprinklers.  They both like to find snails, rolly pollies, and grasshoppers. They play house, usually only one is a parent and the other is a baby or a dog.  There conversations are so funny to listen to when they are playing.  The other day Brynne whispered to Dane so I couldnt hear in a worried voice "Dane, I think that baby in moms tummy poops in there, thats wierd huh?"  Very logical question!  But I would say they're favorite day to day activity this summer was getting as dirty as fast as they possibly could!

We went on another short notice camping trip to Payson Lake's in August.  We got up there Saturday afternoon as it was hailing the size of marbles!  There was a short loll where we miraculously finished setting up the tent as it started to down poor.  We hung out in the tent and I fell asleep (super sick day of morning sickness)  When I woke up it had stopped raining and everyone was gone, they took a hike down to the lake.  We roasted hot dogs and smores and then took another hike to the lake because I felt left out.  Brynne was determined to swim even though it was freezing! We found a tree we had carved our initials on which was fun because it was our 6th anniversary that day :) When we woke up the next morning we were eating our breakfast at the picnic table and I looked up to see a huge moose walk right into our camp! It was way too close for comfort, maybe 10  or 15 yards away. Visions of aggressive moose that attack people filled my mind and we slowly walked to the van.  It was fun to watch it from the safety of our car!

B and D

Brynne has found new interest in her dolls latley as she is excited that we found out we are having a baby girl!  (p.s. her doll has some socks on that were hers when she was a baby.) She is so excited and tells me about 5 names a day she thinks would be great for the baby.  Her favorite by far (and most normal) is Lilly.  She also loves Butterflylee, fairy sparkles, abrecadabra, and many many more! I appreciate the help since we have NOT agreed on a single name yet, who knows maybe we'll go with butterflylee.  Dane is at such a fun age right now, he is ALL boy.  He is pretty much potty trained but has a few accidents a week..so today we made he sit on the potty for 5 mins to go #2, and when the timer went off he was fast asleep with a blanket he got off the dryer.  He is so funny and creative.  The other day he a Brynne found this cool bug that looked exactly like a leaf, it was injured so it didnt move a whole lot.  They spent the whole day making leaf and stick houses for it and giving it various names.  I found Dane the other day in the drive way just in his blue underwear with his toy gun shooting all the cars that past, somehow he knows the correct face and stance to make while shooting. He gets really excited for things, its fun!