Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tire Swing!

Taylor loves to plan and think things out, I'm pretty sure he has been planing how he would make this work since last year. He wanted Brynne to earn the swing so he could start teaching her not to feel entitled to things, and the value of things that have been worked for. We made her a chore chart and she had to do all of her chores for a month to earn the swing.  She was happy to clean up her room, brush her teeth and get her hair done with the thought of her very own swing (most of the time). 

So ever since it warmed up this spring, Taylor has been on the lookout for a free perfect tire, nothing else would do. One day he was driving to do his PA shadowing for the week, and saw this beauty in someone's yard.  Naturally he decided to knock on the door and ask if he could have it :)  He came home so excited to show us this treasure!  Then he spend a couple hours, climbing the monstrous tree, and figuring out how to get it hung and tied with perfect eagle scout knots.

 I love the way it makes the backyard look, kind of all American yard or something.  I also love my great husband and the sweet daddy he is!

Side story, Brynne was coloring the other day and when I came back into the kitchen she had glued these little eyes all over her body, it looked hilarious, but she didn't like me laughing at her!