Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcoming Fall!

 We spent some time with my parents when they came out to see baby Cade, we went to the aquarium on a Monday which was amazing because they're weren't very many people there, the kids loved it of course!

 Taylor and I went on a date to see the BYU vs. Hawaii game, which was a pretty dull game since we won by over 40 points, but it was still fun to go!  When we got home the babysitter had let Dane sleep in Brynne's bed with her, so cute.  I love that Dane is sleeping on his whale!

 We took a drive up Payson Canyon, it is amazingly beautiful this time of year!  We had fun having a picnic at the big lake and taking a little hike to this waterfall, and collecting leaves! 

Brynne has been taking swimming lessons this month.  I have been a little disappointed in the class just because it's a toddler class and there are 4-5 kids so the teacher spent most of her time trying to coax the kids who don't like the water in.  But Brynne had a lot of fun, she can float on her front and back, streamline, and play ring around the rosies like nobody's business!   She is definatley a fish and had a lot of fun!