Friday, January 22, 2010

Number 2's debut

isnt she/he darling? My first appointment went really well! I ended up choosing the same Dr. that delivered Brynne even though its clear in Orem, I am not a fan of change so I loved knowing exactly how the appointment would go and who the nurses were. I liked my Dr. a lot better when I wasn't mad because he wouldn't induce me sooner :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daughter like Father

We found this old picture of Taylor that looks pretty similar to the one of Brynne, except for the updated carpet and vacuum!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Food Court Compromise

Taylor is the perfect man for me, that is a fact. He is so easy going and doesn't let anything get him down, he is always, always positive. Thank goodness for that because I let little things upset me, so he always helps me realize "its not that big of a deal."

When we were dating we talked on the phone a lot since we were long distance. When we were starting to talk about marriage I got freaked out and started asking him all these questions about how he would react in certain situations.

So I ask him: But what if we could never agree on a place to go out to eat at? What if I want Chinese and you want Mexican, there isnt really a way to compromise between those two is there? (me being typically illogical.) Taylors genius answer: I guess I would take you to the food court then.

And that my friends is why I love my husband, and why I am in charge of a date tonight and we are headed for the food court.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Break/wedding post

Christmas morning was one of the only mornings I have woken up before Brynne. We had to wake her up around 9 so she wouldn't miss the fun! It was a great Christmas day, and probably the last we will all be together for a couple of years. We all were extremely spoiled by mom, and my dad out did himself with our yearly treasure hunt for our chocolate oranges. We had to climb buildings, go on monkey bars, climb trees, etc. We had tons of great food and played bocce ball while trying to avoid my parents chickens that were running around the back yard, and played tennis because it was such a gorgeous day.
We had a picnic on Christmas eve because it was one of Andreas family's traditions to have a picnic and roast hot dogs. She was surprised! We also went on our annual $1 wal-mart excursion. (we draw names, and are allowed to spend no more than $1.07 on that person)
We got to spend time with the Broughton's and Brynne deffinatley loved being constantly entertained by her cousins!
New sippy cup!
I made a peanut butter rice crispy cake for the luncheon (dont worry they had a real wedding cake at the reception!)
We had a open house for Kenny and Andrea in Stockton. It was fun to see alot of old friends from there!
Very nicely coordinated shoes!
I forgot my camera on the wedding day, so I stole these from our family website (thanks Sierra!)
The wedding was gorgeous, and the sealer said some really beautiful things I thought. I did'nt even cry very much! Funny story, after the wedding we went to set up the luncheon and Kenny's best man came with us in my parents car. The luncheon was about a half hour away. Well, as soon as we got there the best man got a call from Kenny asking where his keys were. The best man had the keys, so K@A were stuck at the temple until the best man drove back and gave them the keys. So they were a little late!
I'm so proud of my little brother for being brave enough to get married!! And I'm so excited to have such a fun new sister :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Steps

Walking practice with help from the car Grandma & Grandpa Broughton gave her for Christmas!

Finally we were able to catch Brynne on camera taking a few steps!!! She will be one on the 29th and are glad that she walking, but sad that she is growing up so fast!