Friday, January 22, 2010

Number 2's debut

isnt she/he darling? My first appointment went really well! I ended up choosing the same Dr. that delivered Brynne even though its clear in Orem, I am not a fan of change so I loved knowing exactly how the appointment would go and who the nurses were. I liked my Dr. a lot better when I wasn't mad because he wouldn't induce me sooner :)


Ashley A. said...

That IS a cute early ultrasound picture. You can see the little arms and legs. Usually it's just a little gummy bear :).

Annie Macias said... exciting!

kalisarah88 said...

He/she is so cute!! It's a little person! I'm way happy for you guys. It'll be so fun with 2!

Megs said...

Wow! Awesome! I am excited for you!