Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 months!

This has been such a busy week! My mom has been here this whole week, and it has been great to have her, we did alot of shopping, getting ready for the babies blessing, and playing with the baby!

My mom made Brynne's blessing dress out of my wedding dress...I felt like I was running a sweat shop, having her sew on vacation, but the dress turned out gorgeous, and I'm not even a little sad about the wedding dress!

Brynne trying on the bodice

Kenny and I planned a 50th suprise party for my parents.....oh what a ordeal! It was hard to keep it a secret and get things planned since my mom was at my house all week! My dad turned 50 last week and my mom will turn 50 the begining of April. Anyways we got decorations, made a pinata and we found a old walker at DI to be the bat to hit it with, bought birthday presents, got a cake, aranged to have it at my uncles house, invited my parents old friends from high school and college that were in Utah...all under the radar! It was fun, but alot of work!

Clara was soo excited for the "Panata"! So exciting! Clara also found her old baby braclet from when she was a baby earlier in the week and gave it to Brynne, so sweet!

It took awhile for my youngest brother to want to hold the baby, apparently "babies and "old people freak him out!" Haha, he is crazy but you can tell he secretly loves her!

The blessing went well! Taylor did such a good job and hopefully the baby didnt catch RSV at church..I'm a little paranoid. We had alot of family and friends come and it was so fun to see them all. We had a lunch at our house after, our landlords let us use their kitchen and dining room. we had homemade rolls, chicken noodle soup, salad, and cookies! Everything would have been great but someone dropped a camera on the babies head while the baby was laying on the couch. I was talking to someone and heard the baby screaming and I went over to check on her and I could tell this was a "pain" cry. She had little tears coming down her cheek and I saw this HUGE gash on her head that was bleeding! It was so sad, and I started crying because all these things went through my mind like..did she have a concusion? Should I take her to the ER? Why did I leave her laying there?? Will she have brain damage? It was so terrible seeing that helpless baby in pain!!
Anyways after about 20 minutes of us both crying I realized that what I thought was a HUGE gash wasnt very big at all and the bump was already going down. I didnt set her down the rest of the afternoon! I am realizing that that was the first of many bumps and bruises, hopefully I will learn to handle it without getting so upset. Anyways it has been a busy week and now I can relax!! P.s. for the last two nights brynne has slept from 11:00pm to 6:30am, yea!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First day of spring!

I love the sun!! I didnt really understand the effect sunshine has on me until yesterday when the sun came out and suddely life was great and there was nothing to complain about, I felt like Pollyanna! Maybe I really do need to live in California some day...Taylor will be happy to hear this! Yesterday I went on a walk in the morning with my neighbor and I decided that I needed to be outside all day to take advantage, so later that day Dynelle and I and the babies went walking up by bridal veil falls, then I went and picked taylor up and we packed sandwiches and walked to the park and had a picnic. So by the end of the day I had a little bit of a sunburn, halleluja!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who needs cloves anyway??

I was making St. Patricks day cookies, and they were going to be so cute, green, and have clovers on them...but I reached in the cuboard to get something out and a glass jar of cloves fell in my kitchenaid bowl and started making the most aweful sound! By the time I turned it off this attachment looked like this, sad :( And my cookies tasted like cloves. So I went to wal-mart and just bought green cookies, everthing worked out!!

We got these taken at target...and she screamed through most of it, but these two turned out!

Brynne is smiling!! She seems to know when we get the camera out though and will stop smiling, but we have snuck a couple!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Promotion codes

I have been waiting for this dress to go on sale because I need a dress to wear to Brynne's blessing that fits and is not maternity! Anyways it went on sale for ten dollars off, then I googled promotion code for Chadwicks, and I found one that worked and I got a good deal! Now I just have to hope that its as cute in person when I get it in 5-10 business days! From now on when I buy things online I will be trying to find a promo code first!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Brynne got a new outfit for her one month birthday, she looks so cute...poor thing has broken out in a little baby acne..anyone have tips for this???

Brenna and Joe's cute baby Emma Jade at Kirstens birthday party

Today Dynelle and Kirk's daughter Kirsten turned 1! What a cutie!

Brenna and Jade, me and Brynne, Dynelle and Kirsten! I feel so blessed to have these girls in my life, they have been such great friends over the years and have been there when I have needed them the most! It is so great to beable to get out of the house and talk to other adults! Thanks for everything, love you guys!

This is the best we could do!

The other day Brenna and I went to Chalices to see her new sweet baby, she is gorgeous!

Chalice and Addison. Addison is only a few weeks younger than Brynne, but it is amazing to see how much bigger Brynne is, they grow so fast!