Friday, December 25, 2009

9 weeks-ish

A re you suprised! Me too :)

Brynne's First Christmas!!!

This is Taylor... I am sure that Dione will post more pictures later, but I wanted to show off how my first major sewing project turned out... yes, I did sew that giant teddy bear and more importantly, Brynne loves it!!!! I think the picture says it all. Merry Christmas everybody!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

Brynne is 10 1/2 months and she is changing so much everyday that I feel like I need to write down all of her achievements!
- says mama non stop, it means mom, more, dad, pick me up, I'm hungry, etc.
- says dada, means dada and I just want to babble.
- says uh oh, if she drops something.
- says ama at the end of a prayer. This is especially enjoyed by the family sitting behind us in sacrament meeting
- Pulls herself up on the couch, coffee table, the Christmas tree, adults legs, etc
- crawls like crazy
- pushes her little cart toy walking for a few steps
- has 8 soon to be 10 teeth
- loves to brush her teeth
- is not interested in baby food unless its fruit
- eats whatever we are having usually
- somehow can always find a jar of Vaseline to get into
- loves to turn the T.V. on and off
- smiles and makes eye contact with strangers until they stop to tell her how cute she is
- can wear a pony tail
- read her books and tells us all about them
- loves accessorize and wont stop till she pulls your necklace, earings, buttons, scarf
- is not happy until she gets a hold of a cell phone if she sees one
- has the cutest sense of humor, she will see something next to her or in the distance that she thinks is funny and will just start laughing about it.
- has a fake laugh she uses when others are laughing and she doesnt get the joke.
- has the cutest smile full of little teeth!
- loves to drink water
- sticks her tongue out all the time
- pushes her bum in the air and balances on her head and feet
- likes to sing and play the piano with her dad
- Loves to swing

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who has a home phone anymore??


Thanksgiving trip

Thanksgiving was such a fun day! One thing that we are grateful for is that both our families live within a hour of each other so we get to spend time with both sides out the family each trip out! Taylor and his brother made this cool swing to entertain Brynne and our nieces!
California Thanksgiving, Maddi digging in the dirt!
Grandma Broughton pushing Brynne...Brynne did not want to get out of that swing we tried a few times to go, but she wouldn't have it!
Taylor and his mom swinging...
Lots and lots of Turkey!!
Our brand new nephew Jack! (6th grandchild and first boy, yay!)
Dan, Kalie, and Jack

Grammy and Papa McAffee's house in Benecia

Oh you know, just feeding the chickens! Brynne was a fan of these guys..well I guess they are girls. Taylor also had fun harassing the poor things.
Can you believe Todd doesn't have a girlfriend! Brynne and handsome uncle Todd!
Chad drooling right after he had his wisdom teeth shoes man.
Life is good!
We went to Muir woods beach, it was a perfect day! Brynne loved the water and wanted in it, even though it was fridgid, yet again just like her dad:)
Love that laugh!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

25th birthday party

Taylor had a great birthday party while we were in Ca! He got tons of presents including a keyboard, Jacket, camelback, piano music, gift cards, and more. It pays to be 25 apparently! We wish we lived closer to all our California friends, it was such a fun night!

Taylors birthday pie he had yesterday on his real birthday.
Piano cake for his party in Lodi
Taylor wearing the jacket his aunt gave him
A group picture of some of our friends at the party, I wish I would have taken a group pic sooner so I could have got everyone in the pic, we had a great turn out and it was so fun to get to show off our baby, and get to see everyones cute babies!
Gangster keyboard playin, nerf gun shootin, birthday boy!
Should I be worried...she is already into cute boys!
Joe, Jana, and Lily
Ashley and Joe
Annie, Christian, Noah, and Harper
Maddi patiently wating for cakeThe entertainment for the night...holding babies :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scary Clause

Tonight was our ward Christmas party, Brynne was passed all around the ward and let anyone hold her.......except for santa!

She was grateful for the candy cane!

Primary Pizza Party!

A few weeks ago we had our primary class over for pizza, they have been looking forward to the party for months! (we kinda used it to bribe them to be good for months also, it was great!) It really turned out so well, they are hilarious as always! We had 7, 6 year olds running around our house for about two hours. They had pizza, decorated cookies, played the balloon game (you tie a balloon to everyones leg and they try to pop everyone elses without getting there's popped...only ended in one girl crying) Jumped on the love sack and were really really loud. It was nice to just let them play instead of trying to keep them reverent. The best thing about our ward is these kids most of them live in our court, the girls always come over..many times a day to check on Brynne, the boys come over trying to sell us there wares (Halloween candy they dont like and pictures they have drawn, and a cardboard and duck tape shelve they made.)

Monday, November 30, 2009


Click Here to See the Winning Touchdown!!!

The BYU vs Utah game had such a great ending! Click the link above to see the winning play of the game! GO BYU!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wedding announcement

Andrea's sister made this, I think it turned out darling!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well, nothing too exciting happened this week, but here is a picture of Brynnes upper teeth for the grandparents! Oh we did find out we are going to have another neice! Congrats Erica and Riley!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Army Crawl

Brynne is crawling away, she has her own specific style, but it gets her around. She is still using her head to sit up, but is about done with that now..sadly!

Friday, October 30, 2009

St. George and the Flu

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! 2 weekends ago we went down to St. George to visit with some friends of mine from Vernal and their families. It was soo much fun! Chalices husband let us stay in his work condo, which was really nice..and Taylor was happy because they had a Wii :) It was also 90 degrees, it was so nice. We had a fantastic weekend just being around friends, I wish we all lived closer together!

Then we drove back Sunday morning and Taylor started getting really sick, I have never seen him sick before so it was kinda scary! Poor guy could barly move. He went to the Dr. on Monday and they said he had swine flu...which I must say that I think "The Swine Flu" is very overated and I am frustrated with how much the media goes on and on about it! ITS just the flu for heavens sake, not a plaig!! Anyways so he had that, then the next day I got it, and the day after that Brynne did. It was a very long week, and Brynne also decided to get her top two teeth that week, poor little girl..she likes to chew on pickles for some reason, I figure a cold pickle must feel good on her gums, its kinda funny though!

Brynne also learned to sit up last week, she would always do it while we werent looking, and we couldnt figure out how she was doing it! Then a couple of days ago we caught her, she pushes herself up with her head, I need to get a video because its hillarious. Anyways the problem with her sitting up is now when she wakes up in the night instead of going back to sleep she sits up, and SCREAMS! It is soo frustrating because I dont think she understands that she needs to be laying down to sleep, so I have to go in there and lay her down and she ends up getting more mad and screaming more...and usually I give in after a hour or two of screaming and just put her down with a bottle. She almost always wins this fight no matter how determined I am to let her cry, its just to hard! Oh, also the other night I was trying to be strong and let her cry but I caved and went in and she had kicked her leg inbetween the bars in her crib and her leg was wedged inbetween them, it was so sad, she must have been scared poor I'm paranoid about that, I need higher bumpers!

She is 9 months as of yesterday, I can not believe it! She is 91st percentile for her height 70th for her head and she went down from 90thish for her weight at her 6 month check up to 61st for her weight at 9 months. She only gained like a 1/4 a pound in three months. The nurse was really worried about this and kept asking me questions about how many bottles I feed her, etc. So I felt really bad, have I been starving my poor baby? But the Doctor didnt seemed very concerned, he said she probably is just starting to slim down a little bit from being so active. But she really eats all the time, she lets us know when shes hungry. She certainly doesnt look like she is wasting away, so hopefully everything is o.k. in that department!