Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

Brynne is 10 1/2 months and she is changing so much everyday that I feel like I need to write down all of her achievements!
- says mama non stop, it means mom, more, dad, pick me up, I'm hungry, etc.
- says dada, means dada and I just want to babble.
- says uh oh, if she drops something.
- says ama at the end of a prayer. This is especially enjoyed by the family sitting behind us in sacrament meeting
- Pulls herself up on the couch, coffee table, the Christmas tree, adults legs, etc
- crawls like crazy
- pushes her little cart toy walking for a few steps
- has 8 soon to be 10 teeth
- loves to brush her teeth
- is not interested in baby food unless its fruit
- eats whatever we are having usually
- somehow can always find a jar of Vaseline to get into
- loves to turn the T.V. on and off
- smiles and makes eye contact with strangers until they stop to tell her how cute she is
- can wear a pony tail
- read her books and tells us all about them
- loves accessorize and wont stop till she pulls your necklace, earings, buttons, scarf
- is not happy until she gets a hold of a cell phone if she sees one
- has the cutest sense of humor, she will see something next to her or in the distance that she thinks is funny and will just start laughing about it.
- has a fake laugh she uses when others are laughing and she doesnt get the joke.
- has the cutest smile full of little teeth!
- loves to drink water
- sticks her tongue out all the time
- pushes her bum in the air and balances on her head and feet
- likes to sing and play the piano with her dad
- Loves to swing


Kirk and Dynelle said...

adorable! also I'm pretty sure she says more than Kirsten. and Kirk applied for a job at Sundance...I could be your neighbor if we pray enough :)

Brett and Amanda said...

So cool! she knows so many great tricks! i feel like piper is just starting to get into the "learning-new-tricks-every-day" phase and it is so neat!