Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Primary Pizza Party!

A few weeks ago we had our primary class over for pizza, they have been looking forward to the party for months! (we kinda used it to bribe them to be good for months also, it was great!) It really turned out so well, they are hilarious as always! We had 7, 6 year olds running around our house for about two hours. They had pizza, decorated cookies, played the balloon game (you tie a balloon to everyones leg and they try to pop everyone elses without getting there's popped...only ended in one girl crying) Jumped on the love sack and were really really loud. It was nice to just let them play instead of trying to keep them reverent. The best thing about our ward is these kids most of them live in our court, the girls always come over..many times a day to check on Brynne, the boys come over trying to sell us there wares (Halloween candy they dont like and pictures they have drawn, and a cardboard and duck tape shelve they made.)

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Brett and Amanda said...

ok that is HILARIOUS! they try to sell you stuff? kids are funny!