Thursday, December 3, 2009

25th birthday party

Taylor had a great birthday party while we were in Ca! He got tons of presents including a keyboard, Jacket, camelback, piano music, gift cards, and more. It pays to be 25 apparently! We wish we lived closer to all our California friends, it was such a fun night!

Taylors birthday pie he had yesterday on his real birthday.
Piano cake for his party in Lodi
Taylor wearing the jacket his aunt gave him
A group picture of some of our friends at the party, I wish I would have taken a group pic sooner so I could have got everyone in the pic, we had a great turn out and it was so fun to get to show off our baby, and get to see everyones cute babies!
Gangster keyboard playin, nerf gun shootin, birthday boy!
Should I be worried...she is already into cute boys!
Joe, Jana, and Lily
Ashley and Joe
Annie, Christian, Noah, and Harper
Maddi patiently wating for cakeThe entertainment for the night...holding babies :)


Jana said...

i can honestly say i don't think i've ever been around sooooo many babies. wade told my mom he felt like he was at a la leche club meeting. hahaha.

Taylor said...

Joe always did have a twinkle in his eye... and what is with my gold tooth?