Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving trip

Thanksgiving was such a fun day! One thing that we are grateful for is that both our families live within a hour of each other so we get to spend time with both sides out the family each trip out! Taylor and his brother made this cool swing to entertain Brynne and our nieces!
California Thanksgiving, Maddi digging in the dirt!
Grandma Broughton pushing Brynne...Brynne did not want to get out of that swing we tried a few times to go, but she wouldn't have it!
Taylor and his mom swinging...
Lots and lots of Turkey!!
Our brand new nephew Jack! (6th grandchild and first boy, yay!)
Dan, Kalie, and Jack

Grammy and Papa McAffee's house in Benecia

Oh you know, just feeding the chickens! Brynne was a fan of these guys..well I guess they are girls. Taylor also had fun harassing the poor things.
Can you believe Todd doesn't have a girlfriend! Brynne and handsome uncle Todd!
Chad drooling right after he had his wisdom teeth shoes man.
Life is good!
We went to Muir woods beach, it was a perfect day! Brynne loved the water and wanted in it, even though it was fridgid, yet again just like her dad:)
Love that laugh!

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