Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December from Taylors Phone

Our camera is being fixed, so December pictures are from Taylors phone :)

Taylors work gave him executive suite seats to a Jazz game (The seats were even leather!) They also paid for us to have a fancy dinner! We had sooo much fun!!
We went sledding down the dam in AF canyon with Todd, Kenny and Andrea on Christmas eve day!

Brynne Loved it! Dane wasn't a fan of the cold or his hat falling into his face!

Kenny made us hot chocolate from snow, yum!
Andrea and I almost hit this dumb dog that wouldn't get out of the way resulting in a almost broken thumb for me..this pic doesn't do it justice! I was convinced it was broken for a couple weeks, but it's healing very nicely now!
Christmas morning was sooo fun, Brynne loved opening her presents, although it took awhile because she wanted to play with each toy before she moved on. Taylor made us homemade biscuits and gravy!
My famult all got to talk to chad on Skype so it felt like we were all together on Christmas morning :)

We ate Christmas Dinner at Alex and Megan's, it was fabulous and Brynne still keeps talking about Ella and Lucy.
One of Danes presents was rice cereal...he has learned to love it and we are now on carrots! Its rough to be 4 months on Christmas!
We went to the Provo Town Centre mall for New Years Eve, Taylor was in a hot sauce eating contest and won us a free chips and salsa coupon from Chili's (we thought that was a classy prize!)
Brynne rode the train, had candy, got a balloon animal, it was a good time, they even had 9:00 fireworks for people like us who only made it tell then :)

We went to the BYU game on Saturday with the kids, they were so good. Oh and amazing win tonight against Utah!

We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas season. We felt very blessed this Christmas season and tried to focus on whats most important! Were grateful for all of the amazing friends in our lives!


Jana said...

you guys had a FUN december! You kids are getting to be so big :) I love it!

Brett and Amanda said...

so cute! if only we were all there to share in the wonders of chili's chips and salsa!