Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's New in Mapleton.

Dane is 5 months old! Here comes the cliche...I can't believe how big he is, they grow up so fast :)
Dane is just full of tricks at 5 months, he can roll over both ways, he's working on sitting up, he is eating solids, depending on his mood he is either freaked out when he see's Brynne or he thinks she is hilarious, loves to take a bath, being sung to, reading books, drooling, baby talk, smiling, laughing, playing with anything that makes noises especially plastic grocery sacks (under supervision of course, what kind of mom do you think I am?) He hates being set down, so he is usually carried in the bjorn around the house, when Brynne try's to get to close, loud noises, riding in the car, being fed too slowly, being dressed. We love our sweet little man so much!
What the? Your feeding me vegetables?
Love those kissable cheeks.
The best seat in the house.
Brynne is taking a mommy and me gymnastics class, she just had her second class today. She has NO fear at all, this is her favorite activity, I have to pry her off of it so other kids get a turn. I'll probably post more pictures about the class later.

Brynne's favorite activity at home besides watching Barney is doing dishes, she always asks me "more dishes please" She really just likes playing in the water, but I'm planning on never letting her forget she said this when she's older!
The other day Brynne was eating Jello and turned around to see Dane happily being fed something a little more delicious than pureed carrots.

Brynne's friend Jade taught her the fun of dress up and Brynnes swim suit is a favorite. This was a good 2 year old activity, she stayed in there for a hour playing with toys...we don't have a bath tub, just a shower, so it was exciting!


kalisarah88 said...

REALLY, I cannot believe how big Dane is! He gets cuter and cuter. I still think Brynne looks just like your mom. She is such a cute big sister. :)

Ashley A. said...

Dane is so adorable! Brynne looks so big. I think it's her hair growing out. It always makes kids look so much bigger. I love the cooler trick! I would have never thought of that.