Saturday, October 16, 2010

Danes Blessing Weekend

Last weekend we blessed Dane, on 10.10.10. We had a great weekend visiting with family who were able to come out for the Event! We all got to the BYU game and had such a fun time, especially since they won!
Grandma and Brynne are matchy in their cool sunglasses!
Taylors Dad rented this cool hummer truck, that Brynne loved!
The kids were great at the game, such a miracle!
Taylor with his dad and brother Alex.
Andrea, Kenny, and Todd
Mom and Dane after church.
Grandma and Grandpa McAffee and Dane
Proud mama and daddy
Taylor made Danes vest and my mom made his pants and tie. They are made out of material from my wedding dress.
We went to get pumpkins today, and they had a few animals that Brynne was way more excited about than pumpkins, I dont blame her!
This picture makes me smile!


Kirk and Dynelle said...

Dione you are one hot momma! I love your coat in the first picture!

Laura Howe said...

What a cute couple of kids!! I am impressed with the blessing outfit. I love the vest!! He is so cute! You guys all look great!

Brett and Amanda said...

So cute! you look so great dione! and obviously the kids are adorable! brynne is just getting so grown-up! also totally impressed by taylor's mad sewing skills!

Chalice said...

Wow Dione, I just have to say, YOU LOOK AMAZING! And what a beautiful family!