Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy 1st Fathers Day Taylor J!

Happy Fathers day :) Taylor has been the most patient guy with Brynne, he is doing a great job being a dad and I know he cant wait till he can rough house a little more with her! Brynne gets so excited when she is playing with dad, he is so animated with her, she loves it! I am glad to have a husband who I know will help raise our kids in the gospel and I know they will look up to him so much.

I also am so grateful for my dad! My mom used to tell me that "I needed to try to find someone to marry that was as nice as my dad, but I probably wouldnt beable to to." Haha I think Taylor is pretty close though! I remember I went to Chicago one semmester and my dad flew all the way out just to leave the next morning and drive 3 days through the snow with me so I would be safe! What a guy :)

Brynne got a new high chair! I really wanted this high chair but a darker color, but it was i found this one on craigslist in Stockton for a BARGAIN!! It had a ugly cover on it so my mom sewed this one and I love it! Gotta love craigslist. Also while I was in CA we went on a bike ride and found a garage sale..usually I'm not a fan because why would I want someone elses junk?? But this one was for charity and everything was a dollar (but you could donate more) I got brynne a ton of 12-18 month clothes from oldnavy or babies r us that either still had tags on them or looked brand new, it was so fun! My mom also bought her a almost new pack and play for $20. I love getting deals!

Here is a picture of an easy project I just did, I saw these canisters along time ago at Dynelles house and I keep meaning to do them. (I stole your idea Dynelle!)They are old oatmeal canisters covered with scapbook paper and modge podged on..really fun easy project :)


Kirk and Dynelle said...

I love Brynne's high cute! Also love the canisters yours turned out so much cuter than mine! I made the caesar salad and it turned out really garlicy...any suggestions?

kalisarah88 said...

Those canisters are sooo cute!! I think I'm gonna copy you. I figure that's okay because you copied Dynelle, right?