Thursday, May 28, 2009

MCAT no more!

Am I trying to give Taylor a heart attack with all this junk food?? Hopefully not, it is his present for finishing the MCAT today! I bought him all the things he loves, but I never buy for obvious reasons! He has been working so hard, I'm so proud of him. He is taking it as I write this, I hope he is doing ok. I feel like this experience is preparing me on being married to a medical student, studying takes so much time! I never studied that much to graduate from BYUI thats for sure, but maybe thats why I only had like a c average haha. I'm not going to lie it has been hard to have him occupied so much especially in the last month, but I'm sure that eventually he will be saving many lives and everything will be worth it...and we will gain alot of "character" as my mom would say from the experience :)


Kirk and Dynelle said...

You are totally the cutest wife! Yea MCAT is over! I bet he gets 100%! I can't believe how big Brynne is! She can't be that old already?!!!

Brenna and Joe said...

Go Taylor! You are so brave!! and yeah to Brynne for finding your toes! (jade and i watched the video several times, jade loved it!!)