Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet Linus the chameleon!

Meet our family pet Linus....well he is really Taylors pet I gave it to him for his birthday dec 2007. This top picture is when he was a baby, now he is at least 3x that big (unfortunately) if you ever wondered if we were wierd reptile you know :) This is a picture of Linus eating a worm. We used to feed it crickets but one time one got out and found some hole to live in, in the water heater closet and was sooo loud and annoying that we went to Macy's at 2:00a.m. to get roach killer..and I vowed we would never buy another cricket. No, I never feed him, gross. Linus really does change colors alot, not next to his background but with his mood, he is lime green, brown, dark green, green with blue spots, brown with green stripes, it is pretty amazing looking!

The next video is when we stopped at wal-mart on our way home from Provo the other day, because Brynne would not stop screaming, we needed a break on our long 20 min drive...and yes is it sooo long with a screaming babe! Anyways we were playing with toy's and she cheered right up! hmmmm....I just realized the sound isnt working on Brynnes video, thats the cutest part, I'll try to fix it asap.

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The Walkers said...

How cute is that video with Brynne! I think it's hilariously awesome that you got that for taylor, cause Joe really wanted a fish and that's what I got for him for his birthday last month.