Friday, May 1, 2009

Krishna temple and Zions

We decided to go on our weekly date to see this Krishna temple, we both took world religions classes and thought it would be some interesting culture for us! On the web site they said they had tours from 10am-7pm, but when we got there they were having some kind of retreat and werent having tours of the inside, but they said we could walk around as much as we wanted. It was kind of interesting, we thought there would be alot of indian people there, but mostly there were older white (hippies).
The building was really cool looking, who needs to go to India when you can go to Spanish Fork Utah??

They had a bunch of cool animals, Llamas, talking parots, tons of peacocks...they even had a all white peacock, it was crazy looking! They had a pond with a ton of koi fish in it. We are going to have to go back to take the acctual tour of the building! It was a fun free date, you should go see!
On monday we drove down to Zions!! It was quite the ride with a baby who has decided that she hates her car seat, but on the way home she slept for the whole four hours, it was amazing! We rented this cute little cabin, thank goodness because a tent would have been hard with her! Anyways that night we went to the hot tub and pool (that was freezing but had slides we obviously had to go down!). Then we made dinner and watched movies on the lap top.
Then Tuesday morning we went into the park, they have a shuttle bus that takes you to some of the biggest attractions, so we went on all the easy hikes where you could take a stroller (it took up the whole trunk of the car but was very neccesary!) It was so beautiful, when I see things like this it always makes me realize that there absolutly must be a God! Brynne did pretty well, but alot of the time she wasnt having her seat in the stroller so we just had to carry her. Also for some reason there were tons of German people there, so that was fun for Taylor he got to practice a little!

At the river walk at Temple of Sinawa. Taylor talked to a German couple and they took our picture.
Trying to keep the sun out of her eyes...she isnt a fan yet.

We had a great trip, it was so fun to get out of the house for a little while! It is always so exciting to see something you havent ever seen before, and be outside in beautiful weather after a long winter!


Solomon and Lyndsie said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time and that the weather was good! Getting away is the best feeling especially after being couped up all winter.

Brenna and Joe said...

wow! so much fun! You will remember these good times forever!