Friday, April 24, 2009

Broughton family comic book!

My brother Todd is a comic artist, in high school he spent hours everyday painting, drawing, etc. and he is good at it! He is on his mission in the Tennessee Nashville mission (He is on a transfer in southern IL now) and even before the baby was born he told me he was working on this picture in his spare time for a birthday present for Brynne, I was so excited to get it in the mail yesterday!!It looks like we are about to overtake angry mustard, soy sauce, and Mayo. We are combatting the condiments that made me sick while I was pregnant with Brynne, oh he is funny! Anyways Taylor was pretty happy about his bicepts, and I am loving my waist and bustyness!
The weather has been so nice! Taylor was busy at work yesterday working on roofs on campus and was really hot and burnt when he got home, so we decided to go to this man made lake in Spanish Fork, it is a really fun place to swim, however it was still freezing! But Taylor was determined to swim, he even went all the way under...twice! My man is so brave haha! I really wanted a excuse to put Brynne in her swim suit, cause I'm thinking she will grow out of it by summer! But by the time we got there it was to windy and she was asleep.

We went to Applebees to celebrate finals being over, yea!!! Taylor did great on his finals and studied so hard! I'm proud of my Dr. Broughton to be :) ....You can tell Brynne cant wait till she can have some of Taylor's onion ring!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these chubby little legs!!

Tummy Time!

I still LOVE these cute legs!

Brynne has started to be a fan of her crib, she likes to look at the bumper, she also really likes her giraffe, it plays some pretty annoying music, but she likes it! This is our current fav outfit, it has a really cute sweater that goes with it, but it is to warm today, thank goodness!!!


Christensens said...

I love the chubby legs too! That swimsuit is too cute. Gotta love the ruffle. Congratulations to Taylor for finishing finals. Always a relief.

Anderberg said...

Chubby legs are the best--too bad they're not so cute at our age--how big is she now? We too Addy in for her 2 month yesterday and she was 12 lbs 5 oz or something in the 88% tile

Solomon and Lyndsie said...

She is so cute! We have been celebrating for days too. Thank goodness for the summer and breaks!

Kirk and Dynelle said...

Cute cute cute! Love the swimming suit!

Ashley A. said...

I LOVE those legs, too. Congrats to Taylor! Sorry I haven't called you back yet. It's been a hectic week. I will call you soon!

Megs said...

I seriously love the comic book illustrations! Your little girl is growing so much. She is adorable. I can't wait to have my little guy and take him to the lake like you guys :)

Brenna and Joe said...

She is growing up so fast! Sooo cute!