Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

This season we have been following BYU mens volleyball, and the games have been so much fun to go to! We went to the Saturday night game, they were playing the number one team and Fri they won, but Sat they lost. But it was still fun, Taylors mom came with us and we were kind of late so there were only really bad seats left, but Taylor spotted some good seats in the middle so we had to climb over everyone with Brynne's car seat, I hate doing that its always so awkward! After awhile we started noticing this aweful smell, the little kid infront of us has this really bad stinky diaper, then the people behind us leaned over and said the smell was why the people who had been there left! Haha, but I think it was still worth it to have those seats! It was also so loud that it started scaring Brynne, so we came up with a solution, we put socks over her ears, then put her headband over her ears, I wish I would have had my camera! Go BYU!

Today is my moms bithday! The big 50, yea! I hope she had an amazing birthday! My mom is definatley one of my best friends, she is so easy to talk to and is always full of good advice! Also she is almost always on my side (unless I'm completly wrong) and is a confidence builder. Ever since I was young I would always find notes of encouragement in my room when I was having a hard time, usually with a conference talk or scripture attached. This week I was having a little drama in my life and I got one of those notes, only this time an email! I love her support! She is a great mother, and its so fun to see how into being a grandma she is! Love you mom!!

I have decided to take up sewing. So I decided to start very basic, It has been exciting going to Joanns and looking at endless posibilities for bibs and purses, Taylor went with me and acctually was pretty helpful, such a good guy! Anyways my problem with sewing is I am NOT detail oriented at all. I always cut corners and say "thats good enough," so I am working on that because I've realized that exactness in sewing is important...who knew!

I got free patterns for the purse and the dress from, you can just print the patterns out, kind of cool!


kalisarah88 said...

I wish you lived closer!! I LOOVE sewing, and you miss, are WAY good at it. Everything you made is so cute! Your little girl is the cutest thing ever! That video of her and Taylor is the sweetest!

Anderberg said...

Remember our sewing class with Mrs. Rich -- 9Th grade? Kinda a bad memory, eh?

megs said...

Oh she is SO PRECIOUS! I wish we were closer so I could come play! You two are such cute parents. Good for you for taking up sewing. I'm sure you have a creative spark, with the way you fixed the baby room and all. You're just becoming a domestic!

Kirk and Dynelle said...

You made that dress? Now I am really jealous because after cutting out the pattern for Kirsten's easter dress I whimped out and bought one at Target.
Love her laughing btw!