Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping Victoriously and 10 lame way's to spend your money!

We just got a new vacumn because heaven knows that our last vacumn cost $40 and we bought it with target gift cards from our wedding, and it almost lasted a year of casually picking and choosing which dirt it wanted to pick up off the carpet. So Taylor had been researching some vacumns that he wanted, because if it was up to me I would have made the old one last other year. I hate spending money on things like "Vacumns." Anyways Taylor found the one he wanted on Ebay and got it for $100 cheaper than it was at wal-mart. It was pretty exiting I'll admit, we waited till the last second and put in our bid, and it sounded like BYU beat Utah when we found out we won......and all of this over the vacumn!

My Top 10 lame ways to spend money - These are mostly things that you never realized cost money when you were little and living at home, they just magically appeared when you needed them.

10. Medical Bills

9. Utilities

8. Car Insurance

7. diapers

6. Vacumns

5. text books

4. Medical Insurance

3. Rent

2. Toilet Paper



Megs said...

Haha! Your old vacuum sounds like ours. It still isn't working. Luckily here, our landlords left a vacuum that we can use. But during our first Christmas together in our old place, we got a real tree and pine needles got everywhere...and stayed everywhere for like 4 months until we borrowed the neighbors' vacuum. I think a vacuum is worthy to spend a little money on because a good one is worth it, and it sounds like you got a sweet deal!

Solomon and Lyndsie said...

So True!!! Speaking of wasting money on tires. We just bought tires for our car this week and it was such a killer. The plus side is we are now getting great gas mileage! Also, that is so funny about your vacuum. I think the vacuums from Target must all be defective. We bought ours there too and it lasted about a year before it started throwing sparks and smoking really bad. We have been borrowing my parents vacuum ever since. I don't know what we are going to do when we leave. Maybe buy a vacuum on ebay?! lol We'll see!

megs said...

Bahaha! I totally remember moving out for the first time and being shocked that I was now responsible for buying toilet paper--LAME. It just got worse from there.

Dani said...

ugh. i totally know what you mean

Rachel Wilson said...

that's awesome! you have to appreciate those little victories in life! by the way i love the video of Brynne smiling. she's so cute!

Tara said...

that is so true! I love your list of lame ways to spend your money!Also I think it's great that your hubby wanted to get a new vacuum! You baby is adorable!

Tyler and Kilee said...

I'm so with you! We just had to buy new tires for BOTH our cars. I wanted the cheapest ones but like the vacuum....they will last a lot longer! We bought a dyson last year and it was well worth the money! I actually like to clean now that I have one that works! :o)