Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!! I hope that you had a fabulous day, you deserve it so much!
Thank you for being a great confidant, mother, grandmother, boggle player, gardener, Volleyball player, biker (not a Harley), teacher, advice giver, listener, funeral potato maker, example, strong testimonied, organ and piano player, nurse, psychiatrist, cleaner and organizer, best shopping buddy, sewer, etc, etc...

My mom can pretty much do everything! She is the one person who I can talk to about anything and she always gives me the most encouragement and best advice, and knowledge that she believes that I'm amazing and makes me feel like I could do anything! She also thinks every little thing I tell her about the kids is amazing and that they must be proteges! I love having someone in my life who is truly excited about all of our little families accomplishments! She is a truly positive person, despite all of the hard things she is juggling in life right now!

One of the moments in my life I treasure the most is when my mom got to the hospital about a hour after Brynne was born, and as a very new mother I was able to understand a part of how much she loved me, and had gone through for me, because of how I felt for my new baby. Love you mom! Happy Birthday, cant wait to see you at the end of the month!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom! She's such a sweet woman!

Kali Matthews said...

Totally got teary-eyed at that last part where you said after being a new mom you started to understand the love of your mother. Sooo sweet. She really is an amazing woman, and so are you!