Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Fever!!

Happy Valentines day! Taylor and I have always gone out for Tai food on Valentines day, but this year the restaurant was quite the disappointment, so we got some dessert! We also went swimming at the indoor pool which was great, I forget in the winter how much I love to swim...even if I was possibly the whitest person in the pool!

On Sunday we made this fancy meal...I am really really bad at making meat, so my new goal is to learn how to make it without it being dry. I ALWAYS overcook it because I cant handle the thought that it might be raw or underdone. I have only in the past couple of years not needed to put baggies on my hands before touching raw meet. Anyways these were called braised short ribs, and they were moist, yay, a first for me!
Our little Valentine!
Here is Brynne ripping up her valentine:) Taylor gave me a swifter mop (romantic I know..but what I wanted!) And he hid it outside by the dumpster, where he had put the old mop out there, and he was playing that song from the commercial "Baby come back!" I thought it was hilarious, those commercials crack me up especially when the mop falls in love with the bowling ball!
Brynne and I flew to California to "hang out" with my brothers while my parents went on a much needed vacation to San Diego. Brynne obviously thought we were in Hollywood.
The first part of the week was absolutely gorgeous, how I LOVE the sun! I know my mood changes to ten times more happy when I'm outside! We spend most of our time at the park next to my parents house.
Telling grandma a joke!
Brynne and grandpa love the apple blossoms........who doesnt!!
Brynne and chad.....after dinner. I guess Chad's shirt was even more dirty than Brynnes and he had to take it off.
Todd studying away! In fact he was at the computer so much that whenever he wasnt there Brynne would look at the computer and say Taaaaaaaaa??


Taylor said...

Good pictures Dione... and for the record, Swiffer mops are romantic!!!!

Brett and Amanda said...

I love the picture of brynne with the sunglasses! so stylish!

Brenna and Joe said...

you got to play outside! we are so jelouse!

Annie Macias said...

The swiffer thing...hilarious! Oh how I miss the sun and swimming...LUCKY! All these pics are darling!

kalisarah88 said...

she is soooo smiley!! call me later, brynne!

Seth and Sierra said...

Chad only took off his shirt because the camera came out ;)