Monday, February 8, 2010

The toy room

Brynne discovered a fun new area in the house today, my closet! She is a fan of shoes, even the word"shoe" is one of the more prominent words in her vocab. This lady couldn't be more happy in the closet, and I don't blame her!


Annie Macias said...

haha! A real girlie girl for sure!!

Laura Howe said...

it has begun! The best thing about this is there will come a day when you are trying to hurry to get to church and you cannot find the match to the shoes you planned on wearing. This is why moms with girls NEED more than one pair of black shoes. :)

Jana and Ray said...

I hope that she is feeling better, that is the worst! It is awful when kids are sick, you feel so helpless. She looks like she's feeling better in this picture... shoes will cheer up any girl!