Sunday, June 29, 2008


For those of you who don't already know... Dione and I are expecting our first baby! He/She is due on Jan. 23, 2009! That's 7 months from now. As those of you with children may already understand, upon finding out that one will soon have a little life to take care of and provide for, there comes a certain feeling of ineptitude for the task at hand. AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh! Well, there is so much to prepare, pay, and pray for, you just don't feel like you can do it all. But when I sit down and think to myself about holding a little baby in my arms, I can't help but feel love and a desire to do my best. That is good enough for me. Sure you need to prepare! You might say we've already started... we have a savings account, an insurance policy, a rocking chair and 155 diapers!

These problems may not be too difficult to deal with, but one of the biggest questions/problems that I foresee being a problem is, "where do I need to spend my time?" Families require attention! I am a full time student with a part time job. Time is everything! After a baby is born, I can imagine myself having significantly less time for school work and devoting less time to my studies, therefore producing the dreaded, "bad grades." If any of you have suggestions on how to best solve this problem... please let me know!

All in all, I am so excited and blessed to have the opportunity to be a father. It will be a learning experience, but one I am sure I wont regret!


megs said...

First of all, so fun that you have a blog! You know, getting married and having a family at such a young age takes a lot of faith. You just have to trust that God will bless you for your sacrifices. Use every second wisely. I know you'll do great.

megs said...

Okay, here's a nudge to get you to update your blog. I neeed to know what's going on in your lives! Blog about whatever, but I miss you and want to see some fun things.

Hope you're doing good!