Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy one month Brynne!!

Brynne is one month today! I know this is a little cliche, but I really cant believe how much she has changed already. It has been a fun, exhausting, sweet, exciting, scary, loving and messy month! I am so happy that I have the opportunity to stay home and get to know this sweet little girl! My mom stayed with us for about 10 days after she was born, it was so nice to have her around, it was a little bit of a shock when I realized that she was going to go back to California and Taylor and I would be on our own. It really is amazing you don't have to have a licence to take home a baby...I think you should have to! Then Taylors momma Ann came out last week, it was fun to get to know her better and I was so in need of her help! Yesterday Brynne and I went and hung out with Brenna and Jade, it was so great to get out of the house and talk to Brenna and play with Jade!! Brenna gave me some good advice to "Surrender to
Motherhood" and with that piece of advice and Ann's advice to just "Go with the Flow", and my moms, "Keep the Main thing the Main thing" I kind of feel like I have had a epiphany! I was thinking about this and I'm a mom, so therefore that's what i'm doing all day is being a mom, so when I think I'm just feeding and changing all day, its o.k. because that's what moms do, so therefore I'm successfully accomplishing something...being a mom! Today I have felt so much better that the house is messy and that I wasn't dressed till 1:00p.m. because at least I am accomplishing the most important thing, and anything else is icing on the cake! Plus I'm not pregnant anymore, so life is GREAT!!

Brynne sometimes sleeps with her hand stretched out, so funny! In this picture she looks exactly like Taylor I think!!

Brynne hardly ever spits up but on Monday she spit up EVERYWHERE! It was all over her, me, the couch, pillows, you get the idea. But afterward she was just so happy with herself, and content. I would like to say I just got her first smile on camera, but I think it was just one or her cute faces she has been pulling, still waiting for a real smile! P.S. She had three baths on Monday...

This is the picture that we are going to use on our baby announcement. We went to get her pictures taken and she seriously screamed the whole time and I couldn't take her hand mittens off because she kept scratching herself, It was a frustrating experience! But Taylor took this one when she was about a week and a half on the love sac, and I think it's pretty cute.


GarciaGirl3 said...

AAWWWW.... I love her!! She is so cute. And yes, she does look EXACTLY like Taylor. :) Yay! Dione's a mommy! And I bet you're a great mommy. Love you!!!!

Brett and Amanda said...

so adorable! babies grow up tooooo fast! thank goodness for digital cameras. how did people keep up with their baby's constant changing before them? i cannot WAIT for my baby to get here! ahhh! i'm so done with pregnancy haha.

megs said...

I'm so glad you had your epiphany. It took me awhile to get there--realizing that I was a Mom and that is just what my only job was from now on! When you can accept that and be happy with it, your life becomes wonderful.

Yep, she totally looks like Taylor! It makes me giggle just to look at her (kind of like Lucy and Alex). So. Adorable.

Luv you guys tons!

Dani said...

the picture of her on the love sac is so adorable! taylor should be a professional photographer! brynne is just so precious.

and i agree, she looks just like taylor:)

Ashley said...

Thanks for the update! I love the new pictures. She is adorable. I would count that as a smile. So cute.

It seems like I have to relearn that lesson about motherhood all the time. It's so true, though. Thank you for reminding me. :)

Anderberg said...

You couldn't have gotten a better picture than the one that Taylor took. i absolutely love it!