Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brynne’s Life Through My Phone


     Well, this is Taylor.  I haven’t blogged in a while, so I guess that means that I have to make some kind of apology, then an excuse, and then promise to post X amount of times in the next month, but I’m not going to.  

     We took these pictures with my phone, so the quality isn’t that great, but they are memories none the less.  I mostly use my phone to get Brynne to calm down when she is acting up in various places, and these pictures are the result.


At RC Willey and the Grocery Store… Her first donut!!! 


Studying with Dad at school.  Dione says these pictures show how much alike we look.

p_00334 p_00340

Brynne’s first chips and salsa.  She mostly just licked the salsa off the chip.  She didn’t mind the spicy.

p_00343p_00345 p_00350

Brynne loves to swing and go to the park.  She has learned to pull herself up onto platforms and isn’t afraid of the taller/steeper slides, in fact she prefers them!


p_00351 p_00352 p_00377

She loves the trampoline out back.  Just about every time we go outside she says, “bunts” (bounce) and she throws a fit if she doesn’t get to!


p_00356 p_00358 p_00359 p_00360

Salem Pond on a Sunday afternoon.  We went to feed the ducks, but they didn’t like the goldfish crackers we had for them.  She knows that a duck says “kack, kack,” and thinks all birds do the same.  Brynne decided to go for a swim too.  Water was freezing!

p_00374   Brynne recently learned how to draw.  She does well drawing on the paper and herself, and has now started stabbing the page.  I am disappointed that she wont let me trace her hand.


p_00380p_00382 p_00384 p_00391 p_00404 p_00406

The flowers are in bloom here and Brynne learned to smell them.  Then when she discovered the dirt, she tried to fill the tulips with it.  and her dress as well.

p_00269 p_00271 p_00308 p_00314 p_00315

Brynne’s most recent trips to the doctor.  The bottom 3 are before and after Brynne’s surgery.  You can read about that here.  The above pictures are of her first “non check-up” visit. 

I love this little girl!  She makes us laugh so hard and keeps us smiling.  Although I don’t want her to grow up too fast, I can’t wait to see the young lady she will grow into!

Well, that is it.  Even though many of you are Dione’s friends and not mine, please comment anyway.  The more comments I get, the more substantiated I feel about my life!


Ashley A. said...

Wow--she definitely looks like a mini-Taylor in those pictures. Your camera phone is pretty good!

I hope you feel better about yourself, Taylor, now that I've commented! ;)

Drew & Lindsey Christensen said...

I think your phone takes better pictures than my camera! She definitely looks so much like a cute girl version of you.

Heidi said...

Oh she is so cute! Brinley sure does miss her! We need to get them together again soon! I thought the pictures were great. I feel so bad she had to have surgery! Poor girl!

Kirk and Dynelle said...

Super cute! What a good Dad, blogging and everything! Teach Kirk how?

Jana said...

Just so you feel substantiated Taylor... here's a comment :)

I can't believe how big Brynne is getting. As cliche as it sounds, it doesn't seem like too long ago when she was only a few weeks old. They grow up fast!

kalisarah88 said...

What a sweet post! I love all the pictures you took, and it is so fun to hear a Dad's perspective. Keep posting, Taylor! You have one cute daughter (and wifey) to write about.