Friday, August 24, 2012

Danes Birthday and a bear lake weekend

Danes 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday Dane!
Well, your actually two, but good try buddy.

Elmo and cookie monster birthday cupcakes!

Birthday Party and McDonalds!


We love you Dane!  You are getting alot of personality! You always know exactly what you want and don't want!  You love puppies, and all animals for that matter.  You love to ride your bike in the drive way (push your bike around.)  You have just recently learned how to give the best hugs.  You are good at reminding us to say a family prayer at night. I love how your close your eyes super tight and tilt your head from side to side when you say a prayer.  You love to color and draw, especially the walls.   You still LOVE that binky.  You still dont really like fruit except for bananas and watermelon.  You do love potatoes, hotdogs, pizza, treats, peanut butter, cucumbers, and carrots, and lets not forget your favorite food is "milky."  Your favorite song is the wheels on the bus and I love listening to your sweet little voice sing it.  You are getting good at your abc's and know about every other letter.  You have discovered how great your dad is, and get so excited when he comes home, its so fun watching you and your dad laugh together!  Your talking more and more and sometimes are too good at repeating what others say.  You and your sister have learned to play with each other and have fun digging in the dirt, on the swing,  in the little swimming pool, and sprinkler. You love to be in the water! You have also learned to fight..but we'll talk about that later!  You love rolly polly bugs and small worms and lady bugs.  You are obsessed with "rockys" and stop to pick them up whenever you see a good lookin rock.  You like to swing and slide at the "ellow" park.  You know are your colors and use them to describe things your want.  You love books, and are so smart!  I love that you want to cuddle and rock whenever you are tired or sad.  You like to watch Diego, Elmo, and Barney.  Your cheeks jiggle when you run and it is the cutest thing to watch.  You love nursery and eat your fish crackers faster than anyone else in your class.  For your birthday you got spoiled!  You got a bus with little people in it and clothes from Gma and Gpa M. Trucks and a fun tool set from Gma and Gpa B. A bubble gun from Kenny and Andrea, clothes, a train set, a baseball glove, balloons, and books from mom and dad!  We love you so much little bud, so excited to see you grow more!!

Bear Lake

Kenny, Taylor, Kevin and Brynne playing some catch!

Mom, Suzanne and Troy watching the boys catch!
Love these ladies!
My great grandma and grandpa, (my dads grandparents) were laid to rest  ar bear lake.  It was fun hearing Suzanne tell me some stories about their lives. 

We went to see the Tabernacle in Paris Idaho, our ancestors did the stone work on the outside.  It was very cool to feel connected to this beautiful building! 

Brynne and Dane had so much fun in the water, Brynne especially loved "Being a mermaid."  We had so much fun at the beach!! Thanks Suzanne and Troy for letting us stay at your time share, it was great!


Kirk and Dynelle said...

Dane is so stinking cute! How is he already so big? Love your new hair btw

Jana and Ray said...

I can't believe how old your babies are getting. So adorable.