Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 years ago....8.17.07

I think it is amazing that anyone ever gets married, it seems like the stars have to line up just right! I remember always thinking this after one of my short month or two relationships in college ended. But it worked out, and we have been married two years!
I wanted to document how Taylor and I met, I still think its amazing that things worked out! (you are not required to read might be long)
I had one more semester left at BYUI, but it was my off track so I had to work for a semester before I finished up. Usually I tried to go somewhere exciting during my off track from school because I didn't really want to be in Stockton! But I had a feeling that I really needed to go home and work.
I went home and the first week I went to the singles ward I noticed Taylor when he was talking to the bishop about going to BYU winter semester, I thought he was very cute, not planning on staying in Stockton, and best of all, tall! But over the next weeks he got a girl friend so I didn't pay much attention to him after that. We both dated other people that semmester. Then a few weeks before we were both going to school he started hanging out with my group of friends more. We would flirt and then back off..because I thought he had a girlfriend and he thought I had a boyfriend. So we left to school and he went to Utah and I went to Idaho.
One of Taylor's best friends, Joe was also at BYUI that semester so he came over one day, and I ended up telling him (not really like me) that I kind of liked Taylor. I didnt really think anything about it again untill I got a phone call one night, it was Taylor!
Our conversation was a little REALLY wasn't like Taylor to call me out of the blue like that and he was nervous. But he just basically said that Joe told him what I said and that he had wanted to ask me out in Stockton, and if I ever came down to Provo he wanted to do something.
Well long story a little shorter we started talking on the phone for hours at a time..which was costing him a fortune on his pre-pay phone, but I didn't know that at the time :)
I was going to SLC one weekend for my old roommate Megan's wedding and so I told Taylor about this, and he met me there and was my date to the wedding! Things went really well and we were holding hands within 30 minutes. Then we started taking turns visiting each other every weekend.
Its just so crazy to me that everything worked out even with that distance and hundreds of girls at BYU he could have dated! I am sooooooo grateful it worked out :) And thank goodness for Joe's input, and Megans wedding!


Dani said...

that's so cute dione! the time has really flown by:)

Solomon and Lyndsie said...
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Solomon and Lyndsie said...

Too Cute! After all of the hours we spent walking together I never knew your entire love story! So sweet and Happy Anniversary!

Seth and Sierra said...

That's so cute! I didn't know that :) Happy Anniversary!!

kalisarah88 said...

Congratulations, Dione! It's so crazy that all of us are married now and are starting to have babies! I feel like just yesterday we were all hanging out in the Singles ward. It's so nice to be married and not have to deal with the dating drama anymore! Love you!! And congrats again!

Megs said...

I'm so glad that I got to help out a little by getting married there and giving you a place to meet up! I have a picture of you and Taylor at the wedding...I need to get it to you! Now you have the cutest little family :) I couldn't be happier for you!