Monday, October 12, 2009

IN with the new N' OUT with the old..

Brynne has officially outgrown her old car seat.......(little tear that she is so big)

........Sooo she got this snazzy new car seat, which she loves! She loves facing forward so she can talk to us and constantly laughs while she is in it, hopefully this enthusiasm lasts!

This weekend we went to Liberty park but is was FREEZING.....

...So we went to temple square so we could warm up in the buildings. It was alot of fun, I hadnt been in a year or so. It always amazes me that the pioneers were able to build that temple with literally there own hands! They were amazing! After we were uplifted we left temple square and headed home, a few blocks away from the temple we passed a strip bar. I couldn't believe the contrast. Everything on temple square was beautiful, clean, wholesome. Then when we passed the bar is was tacky, disturbing, with no spirit. It made me realize that the choice to choose good can be easier, if your constantly around the spirit you can see the stark difference better.


kalisarah88 said...

She looks soooo cute in her big girl carseat! That is so fun!

Downtown Browns said...

Be careful with her forward facing right now. They say that an infant should be at least 22 pounds AND 12 months. Apparently the neck muscles aren't very strong yet and if you were to get in an accident the whiplash could be very harmful. So even if she is over 22 pounds you should probably wait until she is closer to 12 months old.
I just had to get Maddie a new car seat too because she has out grown her other one. It is one that could be forward facing or rear facing.

Butterflybabe said...

Love your comment about the contrast in the temple vs. the rest of the world. So so true. Great insight.

Tia Karen