Friday, September 10, 2010

4 weeks!

Our internet has been down for over 2 weeks, its crazy how much we use it! So I am excited (not as much as my mom) to post some pictures, Dane is already a month, I hate how fast time flies with new borns!
Sweet feet!
This is my favorite, I think I'll use this for his birth announcements!
I feel like I'm lying posting this picture, because this is a very rare moment! Very sweet though.
Dane on the birthday present I bought myself from KSL, I'm so happy to get rid of my 70's couch with a cover that always looked like someone had just slept on it. Yay!
Preppy little man!
Going to church!
Brynne and Dad
Grandma Broughton came to meet Dane and visit everyone, is was great to see her!

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Jana and Ray said...

I can't believe that you have 2 children! I am so glad that I get to see you and your family at least through blogging. I swear it wasn't long ago we were roomies painting the town. haha.