Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Farwell Chad, see you in 2 years!

Oh man I love Brynne, she is becoming more and more fun all the time. We have conversations all day, and whenever she gets excited about something she always comes to find me and tell me all about it! She reminds me to be happy about the little things in life like planes, flowers, dolls, cookies, phones, and especially balloons!

This weekend we drove to CA for Chads farwell (he is going to Rome), we had a great time! We drove through the night and realized that Brynne talks in her sleep, she must have had a nightmare because she started saying balooo baloo (balloon) in her sleep, then she started sadly saying balloo bye bye, balloo bye bye! When ever we pass car dealerships with balloons she gets so excited! Last night when we got home she found a tiny piece of a broken water balloon on the grass, came running up to me so excited that she found this balloo and wanted me to blow it up! Brynne babbles on the phone to anyone who will listen to her, and anything can become a phone for her. About 12 times a day she asks us for candy randomly, when we say no candy she promptly saids, cookie?? She loves her baby dolls and spends alot of time positioning and buckling them into chairs. She still loves shoes and knows where the shoe aisle is at target, I usually let her wear a pair around the store until we check out. SHE IS GETTING TOO BIG!
Dane got to wear his swimsuit for the first time at Muir beach this weekend, he looked so cute in it, even though he was already to big for the 0-3month size!
Chad and Dane getting a good tan.
Karen and Brynne enjoying the sand!
Todd got in a biking accident while we were there, he was taken in a ambulance, had to get staples, separated his shoulder and may need surgery because the ligaments were torn. Poor guy! He was a trooper about it though, and didn't complain hardly at all.
Dane and grandpa met for the first time! While we were in CA Chad took out his endowments, it was the first time all my brothers, parents and I were in the temple all together, it was worth the trip to be able to be there for that.
Grandpa Jensen, mom, and Dane

We also got to stop in Lodi for a few hours! I love that none of the kids are looking at the camera at all in this picture.
Dan, Kalie, Jack, and Dane
Riley, Erica, and Dane


kalisarah88 said...

Your son is too precious! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. You can check it out on my blog. No pressure to keep it going though. lol. I know you are a busy bee with those two little ones. I'm currently typing as fast as my fingers can move because I don't know how much longer mine will both be asleep. I'm sure you feel me on that. lol. Miss you lady! <33

Ashley A. said...

Congrats to Chad! I know he'll be a great missionary. It's funny because I still think of him as a 10 year-old kid.

You look gorgeous in that picture with Chad and Brynne!

Kirk and Dynelle said...

How cute is Brynne! It was so fun to see you and your cute kids for a few minutes! Looks like you had a lot of fun in Cali, don't you hate how there is never enough time?